Why being on Twitter is important from a business perspective?

 Being on Twitter is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to expand their circle of activity. 

Like all other communication sites, there is nothing wrong with sharing some basic details with you and answering some questions. 

It is really important that we take the path of success where it exists, and for this we can only begin to turn our business into this wonderful platform provided to every user who wanted to join, wherever he is, wherever he is, around the world!

Why being on Twitter is important from a business perspective?

Presence on Twitter

Companies are accepted to have a presence on Twitter where communication is available with all cultures. 

Through it, businesses post events for Twitter users, who are present on it around the world, to receive. 

And because users are always exploring everything new when they're on Twitter, your brand will leave a lasting impression on them.

The more “likes” and “retweets” of your tweets, the more your audience will grow.

Twitter is a great way to naturally build an audience, the more memorable or interesting a tweet is, the more chances it will be shared. 

And if Twitter is used wisely, you will see that it is a good communication tool, and it can put your business at the center of the action and among large-scale users.

Advantages of being on Twitter

Your presence on Twitter always keeps your customers informed. 

It connects you with them to let them know about your new products and news every day. 

It also enables you to introduce them to the latest topics related to your business. 

Being on Twitter gives you the possibility to spread and gain reputation for your brand.

Also, by being on Twitter, you can promote your business, build the desired awareness of your brand, to increase the impact of your business, through how you work to manage your account.

That is, access to new audiences is available, by constant work, perseverance, and follow-up, by expanding the scope of your message on Twitter, you can communicate and interact with new customers and connect with your other partners.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms that is used to build brand awareness.

 Many companies are moving to rely on Twitter marketing to target a larger audience to increase their traffic and sales rates. 

Studies have shown that the number of Twitter users reached more than 330 million monthly active users, this was only in the first quarter of 2019. 

This is a large number compared to other platforms, so it's important to be aware of how to reach your audience among all these numbers. 

But don't worry, other studies have shown that more than 74% of Twitter users follow startups to get the latest product and service news.

If you are not yet convinced of the importance of Twitter marketing, you should know that more than 88% of companies use Twitter for marketing, and this is what made advertising shares rise by themselves up to 91%. Have you seen how big the impact of Twitter marketing is Then it's time to start using it for your project. 

To be able to do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the secrets and methods of successful Twitter marketing that we share with you in the following:

Start building a professional account

In order to start marketing via Twitter, you must have an official account in the name of the company. 

Where the name must be professional to match the company, and if you find that the username you want is already taken. 

It also happened with the Aldo company, which found that the name is owned by another account that has nothing to do with the trademark. 

At that time, I decided to choose an alternative username that was not difficult for the public and (@Aldo_shoes) was the username on the company's Twitter account. 

It is also important that you avoid adding numbers or abbreviations that are difficult for the audience to remember.

After specifying the username it is important to set up the rest of the account, such as adding a personal photo that will often be the company logo with a clear resolution. 

It is also important to have a clear Bio description in which the company describes and explains that this is the only official account on the platform. 

In addition to setting up communication means such as email, phone number and website to make it easier for the public to communicate with the company. 

With this, you have completed the first step and created a professional Twitter account. 

Are you ready to start Twitter marketing

Define your Twitter marketing goals

Before you get excited and start posting through your account, you should define your marketing goals from using Twitter. 

Setting a clear plan based on specific goals is what will help you get the desired results from Twitter marketing. 

You will only be able to measure your success by having a marketing strategy that enables you to easily track your goals. 

A time limit must be set to achieve each goal. 

For example, the goal of reaching 1000 followers in a month, or the goal of increasing visits to the website by 50% within 3 months. 

All of these are clear, specific goals that can be measured and strategies can be built on them.

Choose the content that you will share with the audience

The quality of the content you provide to your audience determines how you want to reach your goals. 

There are many forms of content that can be shared, but your choice of content mainly depends on the nature of the target audience. 

But Ayala was the type of content that you will choose, it must be of a high level of quality in addition to being valuable and useful to add to the followers. 

We will discuss the content in detail in the next part of this article.

Avoid full automation of the Twitter account

When you start marketing via Twitter, you will find that there are many tools that will make it easier for you to manage social media accounts, specifically the Twitter platform. 

These tools enable you to manage the account with full automation, they can post tweets and reply to messages without the need for anyone's intervention.

But it is not recommended to use fully automated systems, the human dimension in dealing with the audience has a huge role in winning them over. 

In the case of automated posting only, the client loses the desire to deal with the account.

 Customers prefer direct human interaction that makes them feel more connected to the company and the brand. 

You can use automation in setting publication dates, but avoid it in responding to customer and audience inquiries.

Research and create new solutions

One of the best ways to get more unique Twitter marketing is through continuous research.

 You need to know that there are problems that appear daily facing the public, and the more you try to provide awareness and solutions to these problems, the more you will attract an audience and get a higher interaction. 

Try to be constantly aware of what is on the minds of the audience to be able to reach them more realistically and provide them with the information and solutions they need.

The nature of content on Twitter

When Twitter started to appear, it aimed to share the latest news happening around the world, and this was by sharing tweets that did not exceed 150 characters only. 

Now the content of Twitter has become more diverse and sophisticated, it includes photos and videos in addition to the option of votes that motivate followers to interact with the content.

The number of characters that can be used to write the content of a tweet has also increased.

 Whatever the nature of the content you choose to share, it is important that you use hashtags or hashtags, they are the most important element that contributes to the spread of your content on Twitter. 

However, it is important to know that the latest polls have shown that tweets that are attached to photos are more interacted with. 

Where the rates of retweets and likes rise by up to 89%, the largest tweets that do not contain images. 

It also found that videos are popular among users of the Twitter platform, as more than 82% of Twitter users watch video content through the Twitter platform. 

To be able to provide distinctive content on Twitter, your strategy must include diversity in the content provided, it will not be in the company's interest for all content to depend on informational tweets. 

It is also important that you create content suitable for different seasons, such as season in addition to national holidays. 

The public is always waiting for the opinions of companies on social and environmental issues, especially if it is a global company with a branch in different countries. 

It is important not to lose sight of the main goal of being on the Twitter platform, which is to attract users, gain their trust and interaction. 

Let them know more about your products and services.

So let's summarize the types of content on Twitter in the following points:

Types of content in Twitter

  • Written content (tweets)
  • Visual content (photos and videos)
  • Interactive content (opinion poll)

You can diversify between these types in various ways to come up with distinctive content that benefits your audience and succeeds in communicating your ideas to them.

Twitter is the best platform for gathering influencers

Twitter's problems in recent years have had little to do with users not seeing the business updates to follow. 

But rather with the feeling that some users have been exposed to so many publications of the kind that they prefer not to see. 

Twitter is "as they say" the home of extremism and hate speech. 

Although this is something that the network is trying to contain.

We mean that any wise business that wants to be on Twitter has to be very careful about the message it is trying to convey.

You should also make absolutely sure that you are talking in detail with the person responsible for your Twitter account, and make sure that he knows exactly what topics it is permissible to tweet about on behalf of the company. 

As a quick guide, updates about new products, interaction with customer feedback, are a good thing. 

But political opinions and controversial things are not good things and you should avoid them. 

At least, avoid them, if they are offensive, they are addressed to millions of old and potential customers, be aware of this!

The importance of being on Twitter

This network “Twitter” can help you increase the number of followers. 

And communicate with your current and even future loyal customers, thus gradually expanding your brand and increasing its growth. 

Twitter also allows the launch of new advertising campaigns, whether you are going to promote a new product, or make a new offer, Twitter is a convenient and harmless place.

So to manage your Twitter account or all your accounts, on communication sites, you just need to talk to specialists, because such works may be part-time and you want experienced people to work on what they are good at professionally.

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