Video marketing is the reason for the success of your business

 Online video marketing and professional video production is one of the most popular advertising methods used at the moment. 

You may be wondering what is the reason for this Dear reader, by 2022, experts predict that videos will account for more than 82% of traffic on the internet

You may be wondering what are the advantages of creating a professional marketing video, so that it attracts a lot of views. 

An increase in sales and an increase in brand adoption, but before that you should know the importance of this video in marketing your business. 

With the popularity of YouTube as the best online video platform, video marketing has become very important for the success of your business.

Video marketing is the reason for the success of your business

What is video marketing?

Know that the basis of video marketing is to face the audience, with the best visual content that you use in the marketing campaign. 

You should also know that video marketing is the best marketing plan at the moment, as you can use video in everything related to your business. 

From building your customer relationship, to promoting your brand or products.

Video marketing can be a way to provide guidance, live events with content in a rapidly spreading way. 

You should always make sure that the idea of your activity video, ensures the interaction of the audience with your brand in a smooth, easy to understand way.

The importance of video production  

Why video production for business is an effective way Why is it so important in the first place! I'll answer you very briefly.. 

But, first of all I will touch upon the mention of some basic points. The video has several uses, including :

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Brand promotion
  • Establishing the brand in the minds of customers
  • Product promotion
  • Offering offers and services
  • Or even show off your skill and creativity by producing the appropriate video

These are some of what you can do by producing new videos ,which should be compatible with your requirements, it is good to work on producing new videos for companies.. Old or young, it doesn't matter!.. 

It is important that this medium expresses a great deal of craftsmanship and efficiency.. And by watching videos by the target audience.. 

This audience of people will feel more confident and more comfortable.

The importance of video marketing for the success of your business

The reason we emphasize the adoption of video marketing in your marketing campaign, is to ensure the success of your business. 

Perhaps the following points highlight how important it is:

The majority of internet users prefer watching videos about goods more than actually reading about them.

The word video in the title of the article increases the click on the link by 65%.

The number of YouTube platform users amounted to more than a third of internet users in general(one billion users).

A minute's worth of video is equivalent to 1.8 million written words, according to one famous study.

When you approve a video on the product sale page, it increases conversions by 80%.

According to statistics, 87% of online marketers use video as their main marketing tool.

Be aware that videos available on social media get more than 1200% more engagement, compared to publications with written or illustrated content.

Is it appropriate to adopt video marketing for my business And what are the most important tips before starting the video marketing process

Of course, dear reader, according to the numbers and statistics we have presented to you earlier, you should not hesitate to adopt video marketing to ensure the success of your business. 

In order not to hesitate any more, we will offer you the most important tips to adopt when video marketing.

Statistics show the importance of video marketing

You are still using the usual marketing methods to promote your business. 

Listen to our technical tips for video marketing that we have presented in previous articles to learn how important it is to adopt this strategy during the following points:

Cisco company published in an earlier statistic that by 2024 82% of people's activities will be via video.

Videos have become one of the main things in the recording of events in the world.

 Video content is one of the most published and approved content in 2021, according to a Facebook executive.

In light of the rapid development of the internet, you will strive to learn how to make professional videos. Whether you are in the field of marketing and advertising or want to earn from YouTube.

Also know that accessing videos around the world has become very easy, especially through the largest global platform, YouTube.

Video marketing tips for the success of my business

You may be wondering how I adopted video marketing in order to ensure the success of my business. 

Here are 5 Important Tips That I adopt in the videos of your business to ensure the success of your idea and your continued development, and this is a simplified answer to the question of how to ensure the success of my business.

1-value at the beginning and then advertising

Know that people watch videos for two reasons: either for entertainment and pleasure, or to gain knowledge and learn. 

And know that they do not prefer to watch product ads directly, so you can advertise your products as you like, but indirectly.

2-put forward your idea in the first 10 seconds

According to recent studies (here you can see them ) that in the first 30 seconds of the video you lose a third of your viewers. And you lose 60% of them in the first two minutes, so you should stay away from procrastinating in putting forward your idea and better present it early.

3. the video tutorial has a longer lifespan

Don't you often see that entertainment videos have a shorter lifespan than educational videos. 

The rule says that what does not please you today does not please you tomorrow, but the information does not expire with time. 

Therefore, as a tip, rely in the video marketing strategy on educational videos to prove the business information in people's minds.

4-if the possibilities are not available, do not give up

If your financial or technical capabilities are not great, do not bother. Know that viewers are very tolerant of you whenever you offer something new and useful. 

According to what the study emphasized in the previous point, only 25% of viewers are interested in the possibilities of the video, while the rest are not interested in these matters and are only interested in what the content contains.

5-Don't make the video boring

One of the most important tips that you should stick to is not to be boring in videos. It is known that you primarily want video marketing of your product in a frank way, but you should try to purify it from boredom and present it in a humorous way that people will like to watch it.

What are the reasons to use video marketing for your business?

Most of the owners of large companies have become completely dependent on videos in marketing their businesses. 

The reason for this is due to:

  • Videos are one of the most powerful tools that greatly contribute to SEO optimization for your website.
  • If you rely on videos to engage with the audience, you will create more credibility for them and therefore continuous trust.
  • Many customers find pleasure in watching visual content of all kinds.
  • The popularity of watching videos has recently increased significantly and is still increasing.
  • When you promote or present your products or problems, you enhance the image of your brand that your customers see you in.
  • Customers are more likely to make a purchase decision after watching promotional videos.

Why video marketing is the best marketing plan?

You must know that video marketing strategy has become at the forefront of any marketing plan, and you may be asking yourself why it is one of the best marketing plans. 

Your business desperately needs video marketing because of the benefits it brings:

YouTube is the most popular video platform on the internet, and it is considered one of the platforms that greatly contribute to enhancing your brand building and spreading it to your target audience.

Videos contribute to the achievement of a large number of the target audience, so conversions are more often found on product pages than through video pages.

Videos contribute significantly to the formation of the customer's decision on the purchase process.

You should always know what kind of video you are going to present that suits your brand, is it an educational or entertainment video.

We have presented to you the most prominent points related to video marketing and determined for you why it is one of the most successful marketing plans. 

But after all this are there any challenges facing this marketing plan.

What are the challenges of a video marketing plan?

Video marketing faces a number of challenges, and these challenges may be different for individuals and different for each other. 

Perhaps the most prominent of these challenges can be identified in the following:

  • The cost of video recording and editing equipment.
  • And video editing software.
  • From the perspective of the future the cost of data for online video consumption.

These are the most prominent challenges that may face video marketing, which are disparate points among some. 

Already they are points that always appear when thinking about video marketing, but at the moment this challenge has become somewhat overcome and has become slightly affordable.

Is video marketing only for big business?

In the online world, we can judge today that video production for businesses, whether large or small, is a must to enter the general atmosphere more fully and clearly!

Who said that only large and large companies can produce great and famous videos! 

This is not true, and do not think that the costs will be a reason for your reluctance to such work.

Because now you can work on producing an explanatory video, perhaps simple, and through it you can achieve a lot of your goals.

-Is video production important and necessary for the development of your business

Yes, there is no order for your business and activities to become widely known and trusted, you need to take care of it and take it seriously. 

And this is for your benefit, and for the benefit of your business, because if your business does not move, if it does not keep up with developments, it may face a lot of problems, as even stagnant water is at risk of rotting, so how should business be!

In conclusion, video marketing has emerged as one of the most impactful marketing strategies for businesses today. 

With the widespread availability of high-speed internet and the increasing consumption of video content by consumers, businesses that incorporate video marketing into their marketing mix are able to reach and engage with their target audience in a more meaningful and effective way. 

Whether it's through creating brand awareness, demonstrating product features and benefits, or delivering thought-leadership content, video marketing has the power to drive business growth and success. 

By leveraging the power of video, businesses can not only capture the attention of their target audience, but also build a deeper connection with them, establish their brand as a trusted authority in their industry, and ultimately drive more conversions and sales.

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