Search engine optimization and everything related to increasing traffic

 Search engine optimization services are working to bring more traffic. 

But what is SEO-optimization And what is the point of working on this improvement And do search engines work in a complex way, or is it easy and simple How do I make my website or its pages visible to search engines A lot of questions, isn't it But I will answer you about them in this short article.. 

So pack your devices, and go on a journey through search engines with me!!

Search engine optimization and everything related to increasing traffic

What is search engine optimization?

Search engines work to display the most important (stations) in their eyes on the search results pages when someone searches for a particular command. 

SEO is the science of making website pages rank first-or the first page on search engines at the very least-or maybe we can say briefly that through optimization processes we make a page rank higher in search engines; Google or Bing, for example.

Search is one of the main ways people discover content on the internet. And by working on further improvements we can make our own content visible to all search engines, which leads to a higher ranking in these engines.. 

Hence a noticeable increase and even an increase in traffic leading to your website.

The benefits of search engine optimization

In fact, Search Engine Optimization is one of many other ways to market online, users around the world navigate through web pages and between sites by searching often, as search is one of the basics to reach the required results on this huge network that contains a huge amount of information.

The obvious benefit here is that working on improvements ensures a good marketing of your website “in search engines” through precise methods by which the goals of your business or other similar activities can be achieved.. 

The higher your site ranks on the search results page, the more traffic you will get.

Search engine optimization

Search engines have evolved over the years, as now they have a set of algorithms or rules, by means of which they work and move. 

These algorithms have progressed in their march to become very complex. 

The search engines take into account hundreds.. No, but thousands of different ordinal factors.

Working on search engine optimization requires a specialist and familiarity with it. 

Also, anyone who wants to improve the pages of his site has to look from different angles! 

There is a high competition for occupying the first results in search engines, and it is many who are starting to get involved within the digital world. It's not easy anymore. 

And everyone wants to prove his worth in this vast world.. The world of the internet.

Search engine optimization services

It is important that your website is visible to search engines. How will you bring more traffic if your site is not configured for this! 

Optimization, if done correctly and correctly, you will get an expansion of your site's traffic, and you will reap more results.

Now that we have finished the stage of talking about the benefits and services of SEO, now we move on together to find out how important SEO service is for your website.. 

Follow along with me.

What is the importance of SEO?

Surely you know that designing a website for your company has a big role in promoting your business online. 

But it is necessary to pay attention to search engines and their role in filtering your site for visitors, and you will be able to convince search engines of the need to top your website،

By applying the right SEO principles in your site. Yes, applying the principles of SEO is necessary for your site to top the first search results in Google, and I will tell you in this paragraph why SEO is so important for your website:

1-appearing in the first results in search engines

The most useful thing that the SEO service “SEO” does for you is that you top the first search results in Google, so your site appears in the top five search results. 

To show your site to visitors who are interested in your services and products, which increases the ranking of your website, and raises traffic to it.

2-increase traffic within the site

The second importance of search engine optimization for your website boils down to the fact that it contributes significantly reduce the bounce rate from your website. 

Hence a noticeable increase in visitor traffic to the site. You find an increase in customer demand for your services and products, which increases your sales and doubles your profits, all over the internet.

3-gain the trust of customers and search engines

One of the most important points that the SEO service focuses on is gaining the trust of search engines, that is, increasing its credibility in front of search engines, especially Google “Google”. 

Then your site will be shown to visitors and thus you will increase the trust of your customers in your website, through the benefits you provide to your customers, from various services and products. 

A significant increase in the segment of your existing and potential customers, which earns you your place in the market, and makes you a strong competitor among your competitors.

4-improve the user experience “User Experience”

As you improve the capabilities of your website, you will help improve the user experience, which is one of the foundations of topping and appearing on the first page. 

The more you improve the user experience, the better service you will provide to your customers, you will focus on the ease of handling your site, offering your services and products to them. 

Thus, you will find search engines supporting you to appear in the top five results.

5 - Local Search Engine Optimization “Local SEO”

You know, dear, that mobile phones are the most browsed devices on the internet, so they search for everything they need through the smartphone browser. 

This helps SEO very much to show your website to your customers in your domain, which increases the accuracy of your targeting to the audience you intend to target.

Our task of explaining the importance of SEO optimization for your website has been completed, and now we can move on to talking about the most important factors that contribute to better search engine optimization.. 

Follow along with me.

The most important factors of " SEO”

The task of SEO-optimization of your website is subject to a set of important factors that primarily contribute to increasing the quality of this service. 

Perhaps the most prominent of these factors are summarized in the following points:

  • Quality content.
  • The speed of the website.
  • Securing the website with the “HTTPs " protocol.
  • User behavior.
  • Pay attention to backlinks.

We will talk more about these factors and expand on them to explain the following:

Quality of content

You should know that his content and articles are the basis for the success of all websites, he is the warrior in the face of bad content, so as the first task of SEO, you have to have the best quality of content, and this will ensure that search engines trust your site and thus issue the first search results.

And the second task is to pay attention to the main “Keywords”, which are an important element for appearing to your customers. It is the butter of good content writing, because when you write content, you use words related to search engine visitors ' searches. 

Which, in turn, the search engines show the sites that talked about these words. 

Therefore, your website will be one of them, although you are targeted for the most relevant keywords the more you increase in the lead of the results and increase in the ranking.

Hence, the interest in content marketing has increased, as it has become one of the most influential marketing services in the competitors ' market. 

They provide a benefit to customers, and search engines are becoming more dependent on the most informative content for their visitors. And what are you waiting for to pay attention to such a service, and if you adopt it, it is better to give it more attention.

Site speed

Website speed is one of the most important SEO factors for Google, increasing the speed of the website means improving the user experience, and improving the user experience means that your site will definitely top the search results. Don't you see that SEO factors are related to each other!. Dear you should know that all the search engine optimization task is a hierarchical process, that is, each task follows the other, meaning that all the steps of search engine optimization are gears to configure the search engines for your website.

According to a report released by Google, it explained that pages should not load on mobile phones for more than 1-3 seconds. 

If you exceed this limit, the bounce rate will increase to about 90%, which means that the site is delayed in Google results, and therefore the number of visitors is low so that the site is completely forgotten. 

And we can advise you to raise the speed of your website, you can turn to Tetyapi. You can also resort to using some tools such as:

  • GTMetrix
  • Test My site
  • Webpagetest

It is one of the most famous tools for measuring the speed of the site, and it also provides you with the most important elements to improve the speed of the site and fix it.

Securing the website with the “HTTPs”protocol

The SSL protocol or SSL certificate is one of the necessary factors for topping, and this protocol is responsible for secure communications between browsers and the server, and its task specializes in securing this connection without leaking site information and data on it.

 Google has disclosed the importance of this point in the top search engine results, and its interest in the presence of the “SSL certificate” certificate on websites, and considered it a factor in raising the ranking of sites in appearing in search engines.

User behavior in search engines

According to the search engines ' knowledge of user behavior, search engines based on these observations raise the ranking of your website. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself more with user behavior in search engines, that is, user experience in general.

Knowing this behavior is necessary for two reasons, namely knowing how visitors interact with your site, and what content attracts your customers, and the second reason is that it is an important and fundamental factor for SEO. 

To do this, you can optimize the search engines for your site through three basic elements, namely:

1-the number of pages visited during one session

You know that it is natural for a visitor to move from one page to another and you can infer from this behavior that the visitor is interested in certain content. 

This will help you find out what the visitor prefers from your content to focus more and more on it, to attract more visitors. Google will consider that the visitor's behavior is also an indication that your site is related to the search words used by the visitor. 

This reduces the bounce rate of your site and increases its traffic.

2-the duration of browsing the site

The amount of time a visitor spends browsing your site and the topics in it is an important factor to increase his rating and ranking in Google. 

You follow how long the visitor spends and this is within the reading of the visitor's behavior, you will also be able to know how attractive this content is for the visitor to focus more on it.

Search engines also focus on this type of content in the same way, and your website is one of those sites that are related to such topics that attract visitors.

3-bounce rate

This is what is relied on to increase the ranking of websites. Search engines calculate the number of visitors who return to visit your site. 

And, of course, without taking any measures. This means that a visitor clicks on your website, and then returns to the search engine results page again.

And such behavior is translated by search engines that your site does not provide a benefit to visitors, and the lower the bounce rate the better. 

And here you need to pay attention to the factors that increase the speed of page loading, the clarity of the Site Map, and many others that keep the client as long as possible at your site.

An important SEO factor that measures the number of visitors who “bounce” back after visiting your site without taking any further action. In other words, a visitor clicks on your site among the search results, and then returns to the results page again. 

There are a number of different factors that may affect this bounce rate such as website content, page loading speed, website layout or other factors.

“Backlinks”referenc esexternal links

Backlinks their task in search engine optimization boils down to posting links of your website to other websites. 

Search engines consider the use of backlinks on other sites to be one of the factors of SEO optimization of your website. 

They are an indicator that a site provides a benefit to its visitors, and therefore this contributed to its adoption as a source of information.

For example, posting your site links on popular and relevant sites is great. SEO experts consider backlinks to be one of the most difficult tasks in search engine optimization. 

This is because Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and the task of linking incompatible backlinks to content has become a punishment, not a positive one.

Learn about the most important SEO steps

The SEO service of your site is tasked with increasing the percentage of visits to your website at the lowest possible cost and with results that may be better than the results of paid marketing campaigns. 

Therefore, many companies adopt it based on a set of basic steps, the most important of which are the following:

Pay attention to the main “Keywords”

We mentioned earlier that one of the factors of SEO is paying attention to the quality of the content provided to the visitor. 

Here we tell you that paying attention to keywords is one of the basic steps to leading search engines. 

But mentioning them in the content logically without stuffing them, and this will contribute to improving the quality of the content.

Thus, increasing the interest of search engines in your content and showing it to visitors whenever they search for keywords related to it. 

You can use both free and paid tools to use the most searched keywords in your site's articles, to raise your website's ranking in Google results.

Internal SEO optimization of your site “on - page SEO”

Internal SEO on your site includes a lot of things like Pages, their naming, and their correct and smooth arrangement. 

In addition to the clear and easy-to-use Site Map, the way of writing the description of the articles and their titles is also included in the internal SEO of your site.

The addition of keywords, headings, subheadings, paragraphs and their length is one of the things that contributes significantly to the top of the search results as well. 

And don't forget to name the images with the keywords you use, and add an alternative text to them that contains the keywords used in the article.

Internal linking between Pages is very important in making it easier for search engines to recognize parts of your site, and this means that you add links from your site to pages related to the same topic within your site. 

Linking articles together according to the sequence of topics is a good thing that helps keep the visitor on your site as long as possible, and this increases your ranking in Google.

Using social networking sites

One of the necessary and important steps to top search results is to link your pages to social media platforms that have hundreds of millions of audiences. 

They need to get to know your site through social media pages, and this will help you publish your articles and the content of your site through social media.

This increases your website traffic. A prerequisite is that you keep publishing through social media, as such a task will increase the credibility of your pages in social media. 

Thus, it expands it further, and your website reaches the largest possible category of those interested in the content of your website.

Why Search Engine Optimization is important for online stores?

SEO is crucial for online stores because it helps in attracting relevant traffic and thus leads to higher conversions and profits. 

Here are the top reasons why SEO is necessary for multi-vendor ecommerce websites:

1-Organic search traffic optimization

Studies show that about 96% of researchers do not trust advertising. Inbound (inbound) marketing via SEO is the best way to gain online traffic and attract visitors, suppliers and customers to online stores.

2-Establish dominance and trust

SEO helps to raise the dominance of your domain. High dominance improves organic search ranking resulting in increased traffic. 

Researchers positively choose higher organic arrangements, preferring to buy from stores that rank higher in searches for related products.

3-Enhanced user experience

Search engine optimization helps online stores improve user experience through website development. 

When you sign up with any SEO agency or start doing it yourself, you are doing many activities to develop the speed, engagement and readability of your website. Improved user experience leads to more sales.

4-Produces long-lasting results

Unlike a short-term marketing strategy, which usually provides an instant or one-time result, SEO produces long-term results. 

And you can start seeing results in a few weeks, and regular SEO work continues to increase organic traffic, conversions and profits for your online store.

The challenges of SEO for online stores versus e-commerce sites

Compared to an ecommerce webmaster, store owners face many SEO challenges.

For an ecommerce website it is considered easier to manage SEO because there are fewer products. 

You have complete control over your products and inventory, so optimizing your product pages is uncomplicated.

However, since the stores have hundreds of sellers and thousands of products, performing SEO on each product page is a time-consuming and challenging process.

Besides, store owners have to manage multiple vendors to make sure they are on top of their inventory and shipping processes. 

The joining process should be smooth, seller registration and product management should be easy.

Moreover, sellers often upload the same product description several times or create the same title structure for several products, which causes confusion for users. 

There should be constant monitoring of uploaded products to keep them SEO-compliant.

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