How to earn 100 dollars a day from Google AdSense ads

 How to earn 100 dollars a day, you may have heard of one of the ways that will enable you to reach this amount as a daily profit. 

In this article, we will introduce you to one of the methods (several) that will enable you to reach a profit of this amount daily. 

How to earn 100 dollars a day from Google AdSense ads

How to earn more than 100 dollars a day from advertising

You may have heard of Google AdSense before, it is one of the programs and services of the famous company Google. 

But do you really know what it is Google gives AdSense ad codes that you earn from by the views you get? 

It is simply one of the ways that enable you to earn 100 dollars from the internet from home or from work. 

But did you know that you can earn more than that, maybe you can earn 200 dollars or even 300 dollars a day, and who knows how much you can make from it? 

In this article, I will try to introduce you to the Google AdSense program. 

What is it And in what ways to profit from it can I really earn 100 dollars from advertising

We will give you many, many information and methods, accompanied by Statistics and figures, about the hundred-dollar profit, so keep reading to the end.

How to earn a hundred dollars from Google AdSense ads

What do we mean by Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is simply a free service, program, tool, or tool provided by Google, which is rich in definition to some internet users in order to get profit in the form of money from their work on the internet.

Google Adsense provides a service that enables publishers to make a profit from the content they create. Both visual and written content. 

To complete your joy by creating the content you love and earning money through it.

Why do many people choose Google AdSense over others?

After you enter the world of profit from the internet and exactly the profit from advertising, you will often choose the best advertising provider. 

And here it makes sense that a lot of beginners or even professionals choose the Google Ads program. As the most famous and easiest program to profit from advertising. 

Also, Google's reputation on the one hand and its very easy program on the other cannot be overlooked. But you can summarize the reason for choosing in the following:

Google and the services it provides are famous and very desirable for many.

The ease and security of the Google program.

Google handles billing and calculations, collects your money, and sends it to you, and therefore will only care about your business and its development.

Ease of Use and handling of Google AdSense. One icon, simple choices and Google does the rest.

Thanks to the way Google collects data, you will be able to choose the right ad for each user. 

Thus, the probability of clicking increases, and with it the percentage of profits increases.

The appearance of the most profitable advertising on your site.

How can I make 100 dollars a day legally and from home via the internet?

There are many ways to earn money that enable you to earn a daily amount of 100 dollars or more on the internet without having to leave your home. 

You can enter the field of e-commerce and start selling your products, or you can work on design-related sites. 

Or through programming, providing courses, marketing, affiliate marketing, and others. You can visit an article we found on the net: the 20 best passive income ideas to help you earn money around the clock, all days of the week in order to get acquainted with a lot of methods of earning from the net.

But in this article, we will talk about the profit from Google AdSense advertising. You can earn through AdSense ads in several ways, the most famous of which is through the website, blog, and YouTube

We will talk at the beginning about the profit from the blog or the site passed to the profit from YouTube.

Some steps that must be followed to reach a profit of 100 dollars a day

You will not be able to enter this field and get good profits overnight. But you will need to follow a clear path that you determine for yourself based on several pieces of information that you have acquired or will acquire. 

You need to take steps before you will get to win a hundred dollars a day or even more, depending on your effort and thinking. 

Most likely (and logically) you will start getting your first profits a few months after starting unless you are lazy or make mistakes during those months. 

Here's some of what you'll need to do:

1. Tribal information and acquisitions

It is necessary to understand a lot about the area of profit from blogging and advertising before starting to get started in it (and maybe you can start and gradually apply what you learn). 

But it is better to get acquainted with this area before embarking on it. 

Here are some things you'll need to know before you get started:

A lot of information about blogging and earning from advertising, and they are advertising as well.

The platform through which you will work (on which you will create your channel or website).

Find out the best niche (micro-niche or nano-niche), and the most profitable niche that you will write about.

The countries that you will target (for example, targeting the USA will enable you to get even greater gains).

The appropriate language in which you will write your essay (the best language is English and the profits from it will be greater, but you can choose the language you like).

  • Choosing the right blog name.
  • SEO.
  • Backlink Backlink.
  • Hospitality.
  • Templates.
  • The pages that must be located on your site (contact us, Privacy Policy ...).
  • The method of writing articles.
  • The number of words that are best found in each article.

The topics that people are always looking for and the topics that people are looking for for a specific period only, and the profit difference between them.

Internal and external links within the article.

2. Initial steps

The aforementioned steps are then:

Create a blog or website.

Buy a domain (it's better to buy a domain).

Insert the site into the webmaster tools for Google.

Registration in Google Analytics.

Choosing and registering in the service of creating site feeds and sending the feed via e-mail to subscribers of your mailing list.

Register on platforms that enable you to automatically publish your article on social networking sites (this will help you increase visitors and provide your website with a backlog).

Writing articles.

Not to violate Google AdSense laws.

Register and create an account in Google AdSense. (+Link it to your blog by writing a specific number of articles, after a specific duration).

Find the other necessary steps to take.

Interest and permanent publication of as many articles as possible in the chosen field.

Take care of your articles and your site.

Maybe there are other steps.

3. Steps after admission to Google AdSense

Placing ads in specific places.

Modify, complete, and activate what you will need in your Adsense account.

Link your account to your bank account after you ask for it (they will ask for it at the right time).

4. Advanced and accelerated steps (you may need to do them)

Since you will start getting a profit (x dollars), you will need to accelerate your steps in order to increase your winnings. 

Logically, here are these “” more articles equals more profit". 

So here are some advanced steps you'll need to take whenever you can:

Did you know that you can add other bloggers to help you write articles?

Hire bloggers or publishers on your blog (you pay them a monthly fee or salary for writing a set number of articles per day).

You can choose one, two, or three publishers according to your ability.

It is better to choose bloggers with some background in SEO, blogging, etc.

What is the way by which you will receive earnings?

After you are accepted to Google AdSense, ads will start appearing on your website or blog.

 What will happen now is that visitors who enter to read your articles will pass by your ads and will interact with them in some way. 

Either they will watch it and then continue reading the post, or they will linger looking at it.

 Or they will click on it if they like it (don't click on ads on your site, you'll see for yourself).

 You will profit from their viewing or clicking on that ad (never recommend a friend to click on it, never). 

The more people stay at your site, the more chances you will earn.

How to calculate advertising revenue from Google ads and how it reaches one hundred dollars a day

First, as already mentioned, there are two ways (two methods of calculation) through which you can collect profits:

1. Cost per Click (CPC): it is calculated by the clicks the ad gets (when someone clicks on the ad).

2. Return per thousand impressions (CPM): this is the profit you will get from every 1000 impressions.

If we take into account several assumptions (a hypothetical that may seem right or wrong) you will need about 20,000 views to make a profit of 100 dollars from Google ads. 

What does that mean you will need to get twenty thousand views to get 100 dollars from one article (this is very difficult). 

Or you'll need to get 2000 views from 10 articles (that's kind of good). Or you will need to get 200 views from writing 100 articles (it seems very easy). 

If you are hiring bloggers at an advanced stage, you will need 20 views from 1000 articles (this is very possible and easy).

Note: for a hundred dollars a day you may need 20 thousand views of a page with an ad. 

But you may need less than twenty thousand or more to earn that amount, depending on several factors that affect the number of profits. 

But in the end, you will need to write as many articles as possible.

Will you write alone Suppose you write two good articles every day, this means that in a year you will write about 730 articles on your own, I'm close to a thousand posts. (You may get the amount you want from less than 730 articles).

Have you ever logged into a website and read two or three topics It is possible that people will do this with your articles, where one person may go to your site and read 3 or 4 blogs. 

So this person came up with three or four page views alone.

Read more: How To Start A Blog and Make Money

How much does Google Adsense pay per page view and Per Click

This is influenced by a number of factors, including the country from which you receive visits, the language you use, the advertisement displayed and how much the owner gave in it, whether the right advertisement came to the right person, and the niche you are posting about.

If you have read this article so far, this may shock you, did you know that the price per click can reach 0.48 dollars. If you get only 210 clicks per day from the price of 0.48 dollars, the profit will immediately amount to 100 dollars. 

No one knows how much you will earn, and for my part, you will win according to your effort and method instead of your effort.

Is a hundred dollars good for you? Or can you settle for less of it?

Let's say that in your country you may need 1000 dollars a month, which means that you may be content with earning 33.3 dollars or only 30 dollars a day. 

Or maybe you will need less of them, as only 20 dollars may be enough for you, which brings you to almost 600 dollars a month. 

Or you will need 3 thousand dollars a month, which will make you focus on reaching a profit of 100 dollars a day.

Perhaps you will see that you may be content with reaching less than 50 dollars a day, 20 or 40, but you must continue to publish articles to increase your profits.

Things to note and do to achieve a good amount of advertising profit

Browsing the above sites, you will find that they specialize in specific niches and fields, you will find that they have a large number of articles, and you may find that they have several bloggers. 

A good niche and numerous articles can make you earn very decent amounts. 

And who knows, you may overtake many blogs after a while from your start.

From the above, can we really earn 100 dollars a day?

We have informed you about the ways to profit from Google AdSense ads by owning a blog, and we have indicated several acquisitions and information you will need to know. 

We also mentioned the approximate own profits of several sites, and from it, it is possible to derive an answer to the question: Can we really earn 100 dollars a day?

Can you earn more than 100 dollars a day?

Let's just mention the names of sites and their approximate profits only and using the same site mentioned earlier:

  • The makeuseof website earns about 502 dollars a day.
  • The pathofexile website earns more than 1000 dollars a day (can you imagine).
  • The Cnet website exceeds 7000 dollars per day.
  • What we will conclude here is that sites that publish in English have greater profitability.

What are advertisements?

Advertising is a tool and an interactive medium used by several parties, whether individuals or companies, in order to promote something. 

Advertising takes several forms and types depending on the purpose and intended, comes in traditional or digital form, and is presented in the form of a combined image with writing, writing, animated elements, or a short video. 

You will come across them through browsing websites, social applications, or others.

What is Google AdSense advertising?

Google AdSense ads are among the most popular digital ads. It is simply an advertising program that delivers corporate or individual ads to the internet. 

An Entity Designs an advertisement for it or one of its services or products and submits it to Google after subscribing to the ads program, and from it determines the financial budget for that advertisement. 

This means that the entity that will display the ad (Google) and the owner of the place where the ad will be displayed (the owner of the site, blog, or application) will earn a specific amount.

How to profit from Google AdSense?

You can profit from the Google advertising program using 3 basic methods: profit from the blog or site after creating it, publish several articles in it, and after visitors started entering it. 

Or profit from YouTube after completing a few conditions, or profit from applications by creating an application and placing advertising codes inside it using Google AdMob.

How to earn 100 dollars a day from the internet?

There are many ways that will enable you to earn 100 dollars a day or even more. Among the popular methods, we mention are blogging, creating graphic content on YouTube, digital marketing or affiliate, printing on demand, creating and selling courses, e-commerce, trading, and others.

Can I earn 100 dollars a day?

Yes, you can earn 100 dollars a day. As we have mentioned in this article you will automatically find that it is possible and more. 

Whether you are going to choose the option of blogging, programming, creating content on YouTube, or other fields, it is enough for you to just know all or most of the information you will need in the field you have chosen, and then work hard to reach what you want.

You just need to specify the time and the number of days for 1000 dollars. 

If you mean a thousand dollars a month, you will need between 32.25 and 33.33 dollars a day to reach your goal. 

But if you mean 1000 dollars a day, you will need an elaborate plan and respect a lot of things such as target countries, language, niche or field, and others. 

In addition to the above-mentioned advanced steps and for other things. It's difficult but possible.

In conclusion, earning 100 dollars a day from Google AdSense ads is not an easy task, but it is achievable with dedication, hard work, and a solid strategy. 

It is important to focus on creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that attracts a large audience. 

Additionally, it is crucial to choose the right niche, optimize your website for AdSense, and continuously analyze your performance to make improvements. 

Moreover, it is important to comply with AdSense policies and avoid any unethical practices such as click fraud. 

With patience, persistence, and a willingness to learn, it is possible to reach your earning goal and even surpass it.

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