Designing a business identity and its importance for your brand

 Brand identity design includes all the logos, images, colors, symbols, and tools that you use to promote your brand. 

Visual identity is created by companies to be their visual side. 

The visual identity of the company expands to include the website, employee clothing, business cards, all brochures, reports, and flyers, to achieve the basic function of building the brand of your company's business.

It is important to know, dear reader, that building your brand is not limited to creating your company's logo. 

It goes beyond that to create an independent personality for your brand. Building a visual identity is the lifeblood of your brand and business.

Designing a business identity and its importance for your brand

What is the purpose of designing a business identity for your company?

Designing the visual identity of your businesses, contributes to the consolidation of what you offer to your customers, and to new consumers in the market. 

For this reason, international companies spend millions of dollars annually to develop, modernize and consolidate their visual identity in the competitors ' market. 

The question here is what is the goal of creating a visual identity, and why millions are constantly spent on its development.

Defend your excellence in the competitors market

The global market has a lot of giant companies with strong brands, and there are a lot of startups competing for customer satisfaction. 

Therefore, you undoubtedly need something that proves the personality of your company in the competitors ' market.

And this is done only by having a strong, distinctive visual identity design for your company. 

Creating a distinctive visual identity of your company forces your customers to remember you, mention you in front of everyone, you say through your visual identity that you are different from competitors. 

You must also make a special impression on the first cooperation between you and your client.

As for the first impression of customers, a study was conducted on a group of consumers, which found that 60% of consumers. 

They prefer to shop from brands they know, and distinguish the brand through its visual identity placed on all its works.

Visual identity design shows your profession

The best visual identity design increases the reliability of your customers with you, and by developing it you reach professionalism, and to tell your customers and competitors that you are not a beginner, and distinguished in your field. 

And here you will force everyone to trust your business. Because your brand identity shows that you take your business seriously, which contributes to increasing awareness and confidence in your brand.

Your visual identity speaks for you

Customers always prefer visual information over written information, and they absorb it more than written ones, so you find your visual identity the best marketing tool to help your customers identify your business activities. 

A good visual identity builder helps you attract existing and new customers by making a good first impression and establishing an emotional connection with them. ”Your brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room, ”says Jeff Bezos.

And now, before we start talking about how important it is to design a visual identity for your business. It's good to know what visual identity refers to..

Where can you see the visual identity design?

You can see visual identity in a lot of details of your company, such as:

  • At the headquarters of the trading company, with its offices and walls.
  • Clothing of employees of the company, this is important to enhance the visual identity of the company.
  • On the website and social media accounts of the company.
  • All company publications, which include the company's personal ID, official business publications, company books, correspondence envelopes, packaging bags, and others.
  • Official correspondence of the company, the company's own paper.

But why does your company's visual identity come into all these matters, Your visual identity is the tongue of your company, so you must build customer trust in you. 

And how is that.. You should show your customers that you are interested in everything related to their needs.. 

This is what motivates us to talk about what visual identity includes and its importance, follow along with me.

What is the importance of corporate visual identity in building customer trust?

1 - design a visual identity to be a facade for your brand

Many companies and commercial organizations launch their businesses without focusing on the design of the best visual identity. 

It is worth noting that there are many companies that have taken care of their visual identity from the first day to gradually establish their presence in the minds of their customers.

For example, Apple, the closest company to this article, has succeeded in establishing its brand in the minds of users so that it now remains squared on top. 

And Where Are you where you are now.. Are you still thinking about the best marketing solution for your company.

2-visual identity is the company's vision and mission

When you are thinking about designing the visual identity of your company, you should first know that it expresses the vision and mission of the company, so you should pay all the required attention to it. 

Through the design form, you must correctly communicate the company's internal values and trends.

You should also keep in mind the development of your company's brand, by focusing on value more than money to ensure its continuity in the market and its development towards greater and greater success. 

Therefore, focus a lot on designing the visual identity of your company, and focus more on how easy it is to connect it with the mind of its customer.

3-strengthen the belonging of employees

Just as a successful visual identity takes care of its vision and message to customers, it is also necessary to take care of the company's employees. 

Which are the ones who are the most worthy of attention first of all to realize their principle of belonging, to give you the best level of work.

The more the employee feels how much he belongs to the company he works for, it is obvious that he will offer the highest of his possibilities to improve his work, and to present the best image about the company. 

Here it is necessary to give your employees pride in belonging to your company, giving them a distinctive and strong visual identity design, so that they can be more confident in their brand.

4-eye contact is stronger in effect

You should know that the impact of visual identity design is necessary to have a great impact on the customer's mind, so that he does not forget it, and its colors attract his eyes, to watch it closely, and be excited about everything that this brand issues.

5-Visual Identity Design Save the company's legal rights

Designing your company's visual identity puts you on the right path legally. The distinctive visual identity saves you a good standard of excellence by legally registering the company using this visual identity. 

There is no room for anyone to exploit her name or trademark or to use it without the official permission of the owners.

In order to get to know the visual identity more, we will start by talking about the most prominent types of visual identity, to find out where your location is among these types And then we'll get to know the most important components of visual identity.. So let's go together.

Know the types of visual identity

Visual identity has many types, and these types vary based on the need of each person, and the need is not a requirement that you be one. 

Rather, the function of visual identity varies according to the understanding of the nature of its work, in addition to what it seeks to convey ideas, to achieve the desired goal.

All types of visual hobbies have in common the existence of a basic idea that can be expressed through this identity, that is, the design of visual identity requires the existence of an idea from the ground up. 

Therefore, it is important that the ideas of visual identities are creative, and attract the largest segment of the interested audience, by providing all the components of a successful visual identity in them. 

The most prominent types of visual identity that are currently known are:

1. general and complete visual identity

This identity may be for an individual or an institution, and this visual identity contains many elements that support its presence in the labor market. 

It is also characterized by ensuring its competitiveness and the flow of ideas in it, and its good and distinctive wording, so the owner of this visual identity gets all the components of the visual identity such as: the profile, the logo, the card of communication sites, and all kinds of publications.

He also finds visual identity design on the company's mugs, pens and cars. Visual identity is interested in fixing the field of work in the minds of the public, to make you in front of everyone everywhere. 

And you should know here that showing visual identity indirectly is a more effective way to influence people. Instead of talking about yourself, let your visual identity speak for you.

2-visual identity of an enterprise

This type of visual identity design expresses a specific organization, expresses its mission and vision with everything related to it, from social media cards, the design of the cover of the resume of employees, the covers of the company's correspondence.

If you enter the organization's field of work, you will see its visual identity everywhere in its center. 

Such institutions are always open to receive customers, so it is important that they distinguish their employees by carrying everything that distinguishes them as employees of this facility.

3-personal visual identity

It is that visual identity that uses a special name for a specific person, to distinguish his actions and activities with this identity. 

If he has some works that he seeks to promote, he puts his logo on them, to distinguish them by his design. 

He may also use it for printing on correspondence, or in the design of his own letterhead. If he starts his business in the market, he will use it to distinguish himself from other competitors in particular.

4-business visual identity

Visual identity here concerns everything that your brand needs to expand its reach, such as the design of the logo of the commercial organization. 

And the covers of her accounts on communication sites. There are also some companies that seal the uniform for employees and for all the means of transportation they use. 

The designs take the form that represents the nature of the product or service provided by the company.

For example, companies need monitoring and collection books, so they include their own design on all their commercial comments, especially if the business requirements expand. 

In addition to the processing of seals for this company, attention to these matters increases the strength of the company's influence and attachment in the minds of its customers.

What are the components of a successful visual identity?

A successful visual identity is necessary to be complete with all its possibilities and these are the first requirements for success. 

So that this identity consists of a set of irreplaceable elements in building the ideal business identity of the company, which is an essential element to consolidate the image of the company in front of customers. 

Perhaps the most prominent components of corporate visual identity include:

1-Logo design “LOGO”

Designing a distinctive logo or logo for your company is the first step towards independence and excellence in designing your company's visual identity. 

The logo is the first interface that the customer sees, it is the first image that passes on the customer until he realizes that this symbol is specific to your company.

It is also important that this slogan sticks in the mind of the customer, and it is also important that it is clear and communicates the message through it. 

It has no cost, no complexity, and expresses the company's goal and mission clearly.

2-Use attractive colors

Colors are an important element for the clarity of the idea and mission of the company, it is very important that the visual identity is attractive to the customer. 

Here you should not lose sight of choosing the color carefully, so that it is expressive of the company's work, and the colors do not increase and cause misunderstanding of this identity.

 It is possible that the visual identity consists of at most three colors.

3-Font type and size

When designing a visual identity, it is necessary to pay attention to the role of the fonts used in it, the fonts may enter into the task of influencing the client at the time he sees the visual identity. 

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the type and size of fonts that express the company wisely, to impart attractiveness, and send good ideas about your company.

4-Drawings and photos used

Graphic design of images and drawings used in visual identity has a huge role in shaping the general idea of visual identity. 

Many studies and statistics have proven that 60% of your customers will prefer to buy from familiar brands. 

And that they have seen your mark with their eyes and their mind greatly. 

Therefore, the use of distinctive and attractive image designs and Graphics has a great role in consolidating your message in the mind of the customer.

5-Uniforms and business transactions

And here it is necessary to take care of the design of the company's official uniform, so that it includes the logo of your company, and the colors used in the design of the visual identity.

 Do not forget about the colors and their task in communicating the message of the company, in addition, you can not neglect the business cards and stamps of your business, as it is necessary to carry the logo of the company as well.

6-Website and social networking sites

Here you should apply the colors of your company's visual identity on your website and social media accounts. 

The task of color uniformity ensures everything related to your business. Your website and social media accounts are part of the company's visual identity.

They are also important for promoting your business and raising awareness of your brand.

 Offer customers something special that speaks on behalf of your company, to get to know your business just by seeing some symbols and colors.

Why visual identity design is important for your brand?

According to pure Branded, your brand: “lives and develops in the minds and hearts of consumers”. 

Designing the visual identity of your company, important to you at the beginning of your business, and important to you for future development. 

To design an integrated, sophisticated visual identity for your brand, follow with me the top 6 essential components that you must have:

Visual identity is an interface for your business: your brand logo is an interface for your businesses, it's good that this interface is more than interesting. 

Therefore, it is important to make it special, because your logo is the first thing your customers see, and it is he who tells them that this image is the name of your company.

Generating trust and credibility: designing the visual identity of your brand, makes your products easily memorable, which increases their reliability in the market. 

Your brand establishes your position in the market, maintains it over time, develops your credibility in the competitors ' market.

Make good impressions with your ads: the design of your visual identity should be an auxiliary factor in the promotion of your company. 

And easily create positive impressions among your potential customers, in your advertising campaigns on the internet.

Communicate your company's message: when you create a distinctive brand, it attracts customers to you, and delivers your message that you adopt. 

What increases the importance of your company they have.

Generate new customers: distinctive visual identity design attracts new customers to your brand, makes them trust what your company offers. 

When new customers become real customers, your brand gives them a sense of belonging.

Examples of the power of designing a business identity for brands

The power of visual identity design is shown in the most famous brands globally, and one of the most famous brands globally includes:

  • Coca-Cola Coca Cola
  • Pepsi PEPSI
  • Apple Apple

Coca-Cola Company logo “Coca Cola " (strong and vivid visual identity design )

When you hear the name of the Coca-Cola Company , the first thing that comes to mind is its famous logo in red, and any classic image similar to the white strip displayed on the can.

 Here are the two most important things that make up the visual identity of Coca-Cola:

The design of the visual identity of Coca-Cola begins with a red logo coordinated with a certain font (script text), red evokes feelings of confidence for the drinker of this product.

 Just as the way the logo is drawn is about fun, the drink also makes you feel like enjoying yourself after a hard day's work.

The Shape of the Coca-Cola bottle is very unique, there are no bottles of other beverage companies with the same design as Coca-Cola bottles. 

When buying a bottle of drink, the customer feels that he is buying a unique and non-imitative drink, which enhances their brand with credibility and excellence.

Pepsi Company logo “PEPSI” (visual identity design is an example of originality)

The logo of the international company “PEPSI” is a circle in the upper part of which is red, and blue in the lower part, and between them is a white corrugated line with the word PEPSI. 

This logo has remained true to its authenticity despite the passage of generations and the stages of development that it has gone through for millions of dollars.

The logo of the Pepsi international company carries the colors of the American flag in all its parts, which have been retained at all stages of its development. 

With the development of the logo from 1950 to the present, it was taken into account that the company had kept its name printed in the middle of the logo for a long time. With the constant development of the logo, the company has become known worldwide. 

The company abandoned the idea of putting the word in the logo at the last stage of its development. 

As soon as you see the colors of the logo, the audience knows that this is the logo of Pepsi. Thus, the Pepsi brand is a powerful brand, known simply for seeing the colors of the American flag, without having to mention its name. 

This is what distinguishes its motto, originality over the years despite the change it has gone through.

Apple logo “Apple " (visual identity design is an example of creativity in its simplicity)

Apple company "Apple" as it is known, it is one of the most famous brands in the world in the field of modern technology. 

The perception of the Apple logo was taken from the Apple that fell on the head of Isaac Newton, the “discoverer of the Earth's gravity”, sitting under the tree. 

The name of this company was wrapped around this tree, symbolizing the Association of the Apple as the logo of Apple, with the creativity of the scientist Newton, who discovered the Earth's gravity. 

But the logo in its beginnings lasted only one year, due to its large size and many scattered details.

Therefore, the company was entrusted with the task of designing a new corporate logo representing the beauty, simplicity, and technology of ”Rob Janov”. 

Which is said to have derived the Apple logo from the first logo, where Rob explained that he bought apples, meditated on them, and even bit an Apple. Rob was inspired by the new logo by associating the English word bite with the English word “bite”, which itself is ”Byte”, the unit of measurement of the storage capacity of a computer.

The new logo was inspired by a gnawed Apple, and Rob wanted the logo to be a sign that beauty does not mean perfection. 

To say that the lack of things is an indication of excellence, creativity, and Rob designed the Apple after colors, and developed the logo until it became a uniform color today, which is shiny chrome to indicate sophistication.

The strength of the visual identity in the brands of the world's most famous companies was characterized by the qualities that characterize these companies, for example Coca-Cola is characterized by strength and vitality. 

The Pepsi logo represents the originality of the logo, the originality of its colors, and the lack of change in the stages of development that it has gone through. 

And the Apple logo was indicative of creativity within the simplicity in which it was, and the simple idea from which it came, so that it carried a lot of strong meanings. 

So the design of the visual identity of your brand should be distinctive, so that it appears in all the visual elements of your company.

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