6 ideas for writing outstanding marketing content

The skill of “Marketing content writing“, has become one of the most demanded skills currently in the labor market. 

The digital strategy “Content Marketing” has become one of the most widely used marketing methods in any marketing plan for major companies.

Marketing for your website and without attractive marketing content, you will not achieve the marketing goals you dream of. 

It can even harm the reputation of your company and therefore worsen your sales and profits. 

Therefore, distinctive marketing content makes your business different from your competitors and attracts a lot of new customers. 

And to know how to write distinctive marketing content for your company, it is important that you follow these amazing ideas, and you should also be familiar with the forms of marketing content.

6 ideas for writing outstanding marketing content

 What do we mean by how to write attractive marketing content?

We can call the term “writing marketing content” any marketing content whose purpose is to attract customers for some purpose, or its purpose is purely marketing. 

Content marketing writing is a form of content marketing, the purpose of which is to create attractive marketing content par excellence. 

And publish it to attract a general online target audience. It is published through social networking sites, and various internet sites, and circulated in newspapers, magazines, and books as well.

Such content is intended to convince the reader to make a purchase decision about a product or service related to your business. 

Or to provide through this marketing content information that your customer needs, so that you provide it in an attractive and influential marketing template, to build trust in your business and thus gain customer loyalty in the long term.

First, make sure that the marketing content you provide is of the desired benefit, that is, it is valuable through the information it provides to the target customers. 

It is also necessary that this content be unique, and stand out from competitors. It is also good that it is easy, suitable for all categories of target customers, and lets are spoken directly about the idea of the topic.

Finally, I remind you that the way of writing marketing content, its main goal is to attract the attention of customers, so that they complete reading the content without feeling boredom. 

Through this process, you will ensure the power of influencing them to create a purchase decision within them, by creating a sense of need within them for such a product or service.

 Finally, you find that they prefer your product over your competitors ' products because of your charming marketing words.

Having finished explaining the point of learning to write marketing content, it's a good idea to explain how important content marketing is for your business.

The importance of content marketing?

Writing marketing content has become one of the most demanded marketing methods in the field of e-marketing

This is due to the importance and usefulness of this marketing channel in promoting your business and moving your project from the bottom to the top with charming promotional words. 

Perhaps the most notable of these advantages are as follows:

Writing successful marketing content guarantees you a special interaction with your customers.

Engaging in marketing content ensures that you increase your brand awareness.

Writing attractive marketing content helps a lot in topping search engines, to reach your potential customers faster.

How to write attractive marketing content characterized by low costs in exchange for a significant increase in the percentage of sales for your business.

Correct and good writing gives your customers respect, which in turn returns you by fulfilling them for your brand.

Good and distinctive content writing guarantees you a long-lasting promotional campaign.

You should know that there are more than 4.1 billion internet users, isn't this a tempting number to appear online with attractive marketing content.

Our knowledge of how to learn to write attractive marketing content Content marketing requires us to talk about the forms of marketing content, which come to you as follows.

What are the most prominent forms of marketing content?

We can First divide the marketing content that attracts customers and builds trust with them, into three main forms, namely:

  • Textual content: it consists in writing articles and publications.
  • Visual content: it is everything that consists of photos, videos, animation, and infographics.
  • Audible content: this genre includes audio recordings, and podcasts.

Learn about the types of writing attractive marketing content

The textual or written content section is divided into:

1-articles and blogs

Article and blog writers are one of the most sought-after in the freelance market, it is one of the popular types of content writing. And writing blogs can be divided into more than one type, namely:

  • Medical articles.
  • Technical articles.
  • Marketing articles.
  • Introductory articles and explanations.
  • Educational articles.

2-creative content

Such kind of easy model for the content marketing industry depends first and foremost on creativity in Word systems. 

Articles, novels, stories, and descriptions of products and services are included in this genre.

 It is considered one of the best methods of indirect marketing and is used to attract customers and earn their trust and loyalty, to buy services and products.

3-writing advertising content

Instagram Facebookers are the ones who provide the advertising content that we usually see on social networking sites, such as “Instagram – Facebook” and others. 

This type requires the content writer to be fully familiar with the basics of marketing, and ways to convince customers to buy according to the strategies used in the way of writing attractive marketing content. And this takes us to talk about the most important qualities of a good content marketing writer.

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The most important qualities of a good content marketing writer

We will show you the most important qualities of the new content writer in order for you to be aware of them, which are as follows:-

Full knowledge of the correct grammar of the language

It is good for the content writer to be fully aware of the correct grammar, the way sentences are structured, and to come up with ideas and arrange them clearly.

 Therefore, if you intend to hire an attractive marketing content writer, you should subject him to a simple grammar test besides familiarizing you with his previous works, from articles and blogs, to learn more about his ability to write in general, and his ability to write for your business in particular.

The author's research experience

Not only does the content writer have to be fluent and specialize in a specific field only. 

It is even good that he is familiar with a lot of Science and knowledge that goes into a lot of topics. 

This will help him a lot in developing his skills, and make him more familiar with many areas, which makes him a multi-tasking and multi-field writer.

Write in a suitable language

One of the most important skills that a professional content writer should master is the method of smooth creative writing. 

He must write taking into account the nature of the recipient or the interested group, he must write clearly and in a simple language close to the understanding and concentration of the recipient so that he feels that the speech is familiar to him to merge with and be influenced by him.

His high ability to write efficiently

A professional in the form of writing attractive marketing content is able to attract the largest segment of the target audience. 

He uses attractive and charming words to put them in a charming linguistic format, attracting everyone who has read it. 

Therefore, he has to be a writer who is faithful to the deadline for the delivery of work. 

It can also produce high-quality content in as little time as possible.

Understanding SEO criteria for search engines

The digital content writer knows very well the correct writing method that is consistent with the SEO principles of search engines

It employs the best keywords in its content and puts them in their logical place for them, so that balanced, powerful, SEO-friendly content appears. 

And this is an essential skill for every digital content writer who submits work through various blogs and websites.

Enjoys ethical writing

A professional digital content writer does not lower his level to steal any content, but strives to produce the best effective digital content, according to SEO principles, to top the first search results in search engines. 

It does not repeat the content and produces everything that is new and exclusive in the field of writing attractive marketing content.

And now for sure you are asking yourself  How can I bring new ideas to new content... Follow along with me.

Learn how to bring ideas to marketing content

With attractive marketing content, you can take his ideas through your permanent look at the market. 

You can follow the behavior of people who are interested in the nature of your business and find out some of their characteristics such as:

  • The way they think, how they talk.
  • The questions they have in mind.
  • Their needs for the product or service.

You can also follow groups on social networking sites, and research the needs of subscribers and potential customers. 

Follow their reviews of products and services, monitor them, and follow their publications, and comments to know what they suffer, And find the right solutions for them. 

And employ them in attractive marketing content that serves their aspirations and what they need. 

Now before we talk about the stages of the customer journey, it is important to know how the customer thinks to create the best content that suits his thinking. 

We will talk about how to measure the quality of marketing content.

How to measure the quality of marketing content?

After the attractive marketing content is written, you are sure to wonder how can I judge the quality of this content. And how can I measure its quality? 

To measure the quality of marketing content, you need to follow some indicators such as:

  • The number of views on the article or publication.
  • The number of visits to the page or site.
  • To increase the number of clicks on links.
  • Increase the number of interactions on the post such as:” like, comment, or share”.
  • Increase the number of Page followers.
  • Implementation of the sales phase.

The nature of the target audience and the STP model

In order to be able to produce the best form of writing attractive marketing content, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature of the target audience and the customer journey within any content. 

It can be said that the target audience by its nature is subject to a standard called STP, which is:


It means segmentation of the community you are targeting, and you can divide it into segments according to the following demographic characteristics:

  • Age.
  • Gender: male or female
  • The geographical location of them.
  • Social class: a privileged, middle, or ordinary social class.
  • Educational level.
  • Psychological needs: safety, appreciation, and self-realization.
  • Marital status: Married, single, or widowed
  • Desires that they wish to have in their lives.
  • Personal interests that interest them.
  • Problems that make their life unpleasant.
  • Values and opinions.
  • Challenges.

Here, you need to specify all of the above to get a detailed picture of the characteristics of the people and the market you want to target.


This step comes after the segmentation and segmentation of the segments available on the market, and here you have to target a segment or two of them. 

Meet their needs through your services or products.


In the third stage of targeting customers, after you have segmented them and then highlighted one of the segments, you study them well. 

To determine the best means to provide marketing content that is most related to their nature, and there you begin to move to build a relationship and a good reputation with these segments that you have chosen, and you begin to study them well, to choose the best means, to provide marketing content to them. 

And you have to build positivity in the mind of your customer, highlight his need, and that your product is a fundamental solution to this need.

All this process that we sacrificed earlier goes through several stages, which are called the stages of the client's journey, and they are as follows.

The most important stages of the customer journey

The customer's journey to buy your product or service after viewing your marketing content goes through three basic stages, and by familiarizing yourself with them, you will be able to write distinctive marketing content, and these stages are as follows:

  • Awareness of the problem “Awareness".
  • Keep your service in mind “Consideration".
  • Making it a “Decision”.

6 ideas for writing distinctive marketing content

Writing marketing content-creating marketing content on your website so that it appears and tops in ”search engines" needs marketing content, and distinctive, and to know how to write distinctive marketing content it is important to apply these ideas to writing distinctive marketing content models on a specific topic:

1-search for powerful keyword tools “keywords tool”

One of the important points in learning to write distinctive marketing content is the presence of the main keywords of the topic. 

And such words need powerful tools, nominating for you the best, the most relevant to your digital content. Keyword research tools help in SEO, as they provide a deep insight into the interests of your audience and their most prominent trends.

Keyword research tools are a source of various data, they organize keywords programmatically according to importance. 

Relying on some of these tools will be enough to enable you to increase the quality of your content, which helps it appear on the first page in Google.

2-get your ideas from your customers ' needs and know the types of marketing content

When you know how to write distinctive marketing content, you know that the focus of writing focuses on convincing and attracting your existing and new customers to you.

Therefore, get your article ideas from your audience, listen to what they need from topics, and information, and present it to them in an attractive marketing way according to the known types of marketing content.

Relying on your audience to take the marketing writing content ideas that you write will make the difference in the number of visits to your site, and increase the candidacy of your site in Google. 

It will also raise the ranking of your site in Google, by using the “trend of topics”, you are keen to keep up with everything that is exclusive.

And you should find out what the audience is asking for through various tools that help you build surveys for the needs of your audience. 

You can use general audience questions to get to know the personality of your audience.

Then you start with questions about your brand, such as: ”what was your impression of our services?" Does our website cover all your needs What are my favorite topics”? 

The beauty of these questions is that you will use them in your topics, and articles, which will further enrich your website, and make you trustworthy.

3 - pay attention to seasonal trends when creating marketing content

There are always a lot of exclusive topics when creating marketing content that arises due to exclusive events, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or maybe annual.

Such topics are good to include in your content editing plans, when you write on any exclusive topic you increase the engagement of your site. 

It increases the number of new followers, increases the loyalty of existing customers to you, and also increases the number of clicks on your topic and on your site.

Such seasonal trends help you in planning the next editorial calendar, for example, to plan a month, a season, or a year. 

It may also be easy for you to repeat them annually, or seasonally depending on the current situation, so the structure of live seasonal content is continuously published and developed each season.

And just plan for the upcoming content in the coming season, such as holidays, feasts, anniversaries, and other seasonal, trendy events.

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4 - Get out into the world

Such advice requires you to dare to write distinctive, attractive, and fashionable marketing content. 

It is natural that writing content comes from our source of inspiration, which is the internet, so we search inside it for the most important things that target the audience. 

But it's nice if your concept of content writing changes, and you bring your content from the real world, from the environment around you, people are attracted to Real, more personal stories.

Go out into the real world, find new events for your industry, and show everything related to your activities. 

One of the best ways to develop marketing content writing is to go out to the local community, and engage in it, which helps you to form social terms. 

Going out into the world makes you understand the pulse of your customers, and learn about their intentions, what they think, and what influences them, in their decisions.

5-ask what people are asking for online

This opportunity enables you to develop the skill of writing marketing content on your website. Where you can ask people what they need, to form ideas that help you write topics that touch their reality. You can ask them from within the topics that you write, or through social media... Perhaps the most important feature of this point is the great benefit it provides such as:

You feel the problems of your audience and this is your duty if you are a business owner, and you will learn how to help them.

Questions give you the best source of ideas for writing the best marketing content.

Asking questions on social media accounts is one of the best ways to ask the audience.

 When they see the question mark, their natural reaction is to answer this question, which brings together a lot of ideas.

6-learn the art of content repackaging and writing marketing content

The process of packaging content and writing marketing content involves recreating new content on the ruins of old content and even creating new content. 

You can collect articles in an e-book, create a blog for yourself on the internet, or it is possible to create information graphs. 

Or you can turn it into social media posts, or you can also turn it into a mini-series of your content.

This type of content creation attracts new types of audiences to you, and you will also renew the perception of your existing customers, and you will significantly develop your content. 

And you will be able to rotate your content in the best way after that, your ideas will increase and you will be able to find new ideas, which makes you produce more content, and more ideas in your field.

In conclusion, writing marketing content is a critical aspect of any successful marketing strategy. 

Whether it's a blog post, email campaign, or social media advertisement, having high-quality, engaging, and persuasive content is key to attracting and retaining customers. 

The goal of marketing content is to educate, entertain, and ultimately, sell a product or service. 

To achieve this, it's important to understand your target audience, know your brand voice, and keep your content simple and easy to understand. 

Above all, it's essential to measure the success of your marketing content, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve your writing to stay ahead of the competition. 

With careful planning and execution, writing marketing content can be a valuable tool in driving your business forward.

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