12 steps to rank your website on google first page

 It's good to take care of the appearance of your first site in  “Google“, but to appear in the first results you should know that you will compete with dozens of sites. 

If not hundreds or thousands of other competing sites, that's why it's important to familiarize yourself with the steps that help to appear on the first page of Google

In order to surpass competing sites, you must familiarize yourself with them, know their weaknesses, and strengths, so I will present you through this article 12 effective steps for the appearance of your first site in Google, to surpass your competitors in the same field with all strength, and merit. Follow along with me.

12 steps to rank your website on google first page

12 steps to rank your website on google's first page

Appearing in the first results in Google is the best option, and the least expensive, to deliver your message, and to win more customers. 

Therefore, it is good that you are interested in applying the following options on your site:

Choosing the right keywords for the content

Choosing keywords related to your industry and customizing them in the content of your site is a key step for the appearance of your first site in Google. 

You can use Google tools to search for the best keywords, which helps you focus on creating content that people are looking for.

Keep the site clean and improve the consistency of information on it

To ensure that your first site appears in Google, it is important that you delete irrelevant content for your site, which weakens its strength in front of its appearance in Google. 

The task of the Google search engine” Google” is to connect researchers with good and reliable information, so it is important that your site is clean and consistent for the Google appearance algorithm to accept it as a reliable information source.

Take care to use search keywords clearly on the page

To make your site ready for the first appearance in Google, your site must include search keywords. 

So that they appear in the title text, in the link to the page, in the names of the pictures, and in the content, but the placement of these words should be natural, away from fillers.

Stay away from keyword stuffing altogether

One of the most common mistakes that content writers and business owners make is stuffing keywords into their sites thinking that they will appear in the first search results. 

On the contrary, such a method may be harmful to your website, so stay away from it, Google punishes this page to appear in the delayed results.

Improve the number of External links pointing to your site

One of the key things in the appearance of your site in the first search results in Google is the number of External links” Black Links” that refer to your website. 

Where Google considers "Google" the number of high-quality links to your site, which increases the value, and digital reputation of your site. 

This suggests to Google that your site contains information that people trust, and provides them with a good benefit, which contributes to its appearance in high results in search results.

Take care and improve the website design

Google search engine always prefers well-designed sites, compatible with smartphone devices. 

So that it is characterized by the speed in loading, and is safe for the user, so make sure of these criteria, and you can do this through the following tools:”

Google search engine prefers well-designed websites for smartphones that are fast to load and digitally secure. 

Be sure to meet all these criteria. You can test how Google sees your website from the following links” " Google Page Speed Insights, web Page Test“

Adding your site to the Google Business list

Including your site in the Google Business list will help you increase your ranking in search results, which increases the percentage of your visitors. 

So be sure to apply this step, seek reviews from your trusted customers, and deal with customer complaints to ensure the good reputation of your site. 

And you can do this through the Google tool” Google Business“.

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Make videos about your company, and its products, publish

Making videos has become one of the key things to strengthen the content of your site, and therefore appears in the first results of Google. 

Where you can increase the number of visitors to your site by improving the reputation of your site, and by creating explanatory videos for your services and products. 

To provide your customers with the information they need, through the information of these videos, be sure to place your website links within the description texts of the videos you post.

Such a method increases the external links to your website, which helps Google to recognize your site as of high importance. 

It helps you increase the number of visitors to your website by publishing professional videos. 

And you can do it via YouTube, or Dailymotion.

A presence on various social networks to advertise your content

This step has become one of the first things to help your first site appear on Google. 

After you create your business content, you publish it on social media accounts, to increase customer confidence in you, and thus indicate to Google that your content is of high quality and reliable. 

Therefore, focus on one or two social networking sites, and post on them regularly, to ensure that your audience interacts continuously.

Distinguish from competing sites for you in the same field.

When trying to appear in the first Google ranking, you should pay attention to search words related to your field. 

And you can do this by keeping an eye on your competitors who appear in high order in such search words. 

Try to outdo him with better content, stronger than his content. 

Simply search Google for the words related to your business, you would like to appear for them, compare them with the articles in the first search results of Google, try to understand why they progressed, and find out how they distinguished themselves to appear in the first results of search engines.

Stay away from copying content from competing websites

One of the most harmful things about your website is copying from other sites, as this is a major reason why your site appears in the latest results from search engines. 

In addition, it is a moral matter, you are copying the effort of others. 

Should Google punish this behavior and increase the vulnerability of your site to appear

Be patient with your message to get the best results

It takes 30-90 days for your site to rank better in Google's first search results. So you have to take care of creating distinctive, excellent content. 

And to follow the steps that I have shown you, will help you to improve the appearance of your site in the first search results of the Google search engine

It will increase the level of engagement of your customers to your content, thereby increasing your profits.

In conclusion, ranking a website on the first page of Google is a highly coveted goal for businesses and website owners. 

The first page is seen as the gateway to a vast audience, and a top ranking can bring a significant amount of traffic to a website. 

Achieving this goal requires a combination of factors, including keyword optimization, high-quality content, backlinks, technical SEO, and a user-friendly website

Additionally, Google's algorithms are constantly evolving, so it is crucial to stay informed and make updates accordingly to maintain a high ranking. 

While ranking on the first page of Google is a challenging task, it is a key component of online success and can bring substantial benefits to a business.

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