10 Skills for managing social media accounts

 Are you looking for skills to manage social media accounts that are used by more than 3 billion users around the world, and more than one and a half billion use them to promote their products. 

Well with this big trend towards social media.

Interest has increased significantly in the functions of marketing and account management of social networks. 

As the best and fastest way to promote your brand online.

If you intend to use social media accounts in your marketing plan, you should assign someone who is an expert in managing your company's social media accounts.

10 Skills for managing social media accounts

Social media account management

You should know that social networks have become at the forefront of marketing strategies for large companies. Being the fastest way to make more sales in the fastest time. 

Therefore, it is important to learn the necessary skills to manage social media accounts.

What is social media account management?

We can define social media account management:” it is the process of managing social media accounts by creating, scheduling, analyzing, sharing, and modifying the various content of social media pages. 

Provided that the objectives of these pages are consistent with the basic goals and purposes of the company's social media accounts. 

To inform the public about all your brand information, by providing you with all the data related to your project”.

Objectives of managing social media accounts

The main purpose of social networking sites is to communicate between individuals, share videos, photos, information, and news. 

Therefore, I advise you not to try to sell products on these platforms directly. 

You can even introduce your products through photos, videos, and marketing content of your brand.

Thus, you will reach your target customers through social media accounts directly and quickly. 

But be careful in this way to respect the norms, language, general traditions of your audience.

After I got to know the meaning of managing social media accounts. You should familiarize yourself with the most important strategies for social media marketing..

What are the strategies of social media marketing?

You should know that marketing through social media accounts must be carefully thought out and prepared for it before the promotional process is carried out. 

Here I will outline the most important strategies for social media marketing for you:

  • Setting relevant goals and metrics.
  • Get to know your audience.
  • Conduct research on your competitors.
  • Target niche audiences on the appropriate social media networks.
  • Generate engaging content.
  • Create a unique style in your calculations.
  • Optimize your posting schedule.
  • Use cross-promotion of content.
  • Collaborate with specialist influencers.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Analyze the performance and improve it over time.

If you are the manager of your company's social media accounts, follow these steps with me to achieve the best marketing results.

What are the skills of dealing with social networking sites?

The task of managing social media accounts requires a distinctive personality, creativity, perseverance, patience, and an innovative mindset. 

The best ideas are presented in distinctive ways, so the social media account manager must be constantly researching in his field of work, following developments continuously to develop his performance. 

Here are the most important of these necessary skills:

1-develop a strategic plan for social media marketing

Always know that the most important element in any project is planning and developing the optimal strategy to achieve the best results. 

Through the development of the strategy, you can determine the steps and actions that you will take. 

It will also identify the means and factors that help you achieve your marketing goal through social media.

Who is responsible for social media sites

Administrators of social media pages should be able to analyze the goals and evaluate them in terms of implementation. 

Then they draw up the necessary plan, taking into account the auxiliary factors in their project such as: ”advertising costs – time period – suitability of the plan to achieve the goal”.

How to determine the target audience

It is important that you define your goal of creating social media accounts to determine the most appropriate social platforms that are best for your business.

Then comes the definition of the target audience of your business, and here the intention is to determine the customer to whom the content you provide fits.

You also need to know the right time to publish your content to achieve the best results.

You should know the interaction times of people on social networks،

Therefore, it is imperative to be patient when implementing your content plan, because it is normal to encounter obstacles.

2-development of social media accounts

The purpose is to set up social media accounts in an integrated manner. 

To present your content distinctively with the aim of targeting a potential audience. 

To get the best interaction, the appearance of the services you provide, to as many people as possible.

Therefore, you must enter all the required data such as: “the name of your project – its classification – a description of your goals – available means of communication – and linking between pages through the buttons to navigate between sites from one account to another”.

Promotion on social media platforms will be successful only by providing distinctive content, and in an unconventional way. 

Therefore, make sure that your content highlights keywords, in the product description to make it easier for the audience to access it through search.

The content should also be attractive, so always rely on presenting different, new ideas to customers in new ways such as: “organizing contests with prizes from your brand's products, or to appeal to your audience,” all this helps in developing your accounts.

3-protection of social media accounts

It's a good idea to take care of the step of securing social media accounts. 

Be aware that with the existence of social media platforms, social media account information has become the first target for hackers. 

This is to control the account and identity theft, or take advantage of account interactions to change its activity. 

Here are some important tips to secure social media accounts from hackers:

Change the password monthly: you should make the password varied between “numbers, letters, symbols, and does not contain a known name, phone number, or any personal information”.

Two-step authentication: this is considered one of the most secure features of social networking sites, and it is done by linking the password with another step, through an activation code with a message on a mobile phone, or email.

Activate your account by increasing interactions: the most hacked accounts are inactive accounts. 

And you can do this by regularly adding posts and interacting with the audience.

Stay away from unknown links: most hacking loopholes are done via links, and hacking is done as soon as they are opened, so be careful with any link.

Active interaction on accounts: inactive accounts are the most vulnerable to hacking. 

Therefore, posts should be added regularly and in distinctive and diverse formats, so that they are not easy to quote and scam if the page is taken over. 

You should also follow up on comments and messages and block any fake or untrusted account.

4-analysis of available data

By analyzing the data in social media, you can measure the results of the marketing campaigns that you implement through your business's social media accounts.

You can also determine the return on investment from them, by preparing reports on these data.

You will also be able to measure the degree of success of the marketing plan that you follow in managing your accounts.

Therefore, social media are widely considered tools for measuring and analyzing data.

You can measure the audience's interaction with the content from shares, likes, comments and conversations.

Through the development of data analysis in social media accounts, you can follow your workflow through special available applications, tracking purchases and sales.

These applications are used to classify ratings, there is also a service for measuring the percentage of presence of the target audience, alerting the administrator about the peak times suitable for publication.

5-marketing service

The main goal of social media accounts for many brands is to market their services by creating accounts on them. 

Planned marketing campaigns are pursued so that they are accurately successful. Social media marketing requires you to follow the market of social media platforms continuously.

You should follow competitors in their marketing campaigns, monitor the degree of interaction, and find out the type of content that is most suitable for the audience and most attractive to them. 

You can also use Trending and trending events to create successful marketing content to achieve the best results.

6-Always looking for everything new

As a social media account manager, you should never stop looking. Continuous research is the basis for the success of content and its reach to a large number of target audiences.  

And keep up constantly to reach the best skills, to reach distinctive content that competes with other brands and dominates the market for your business.

You should also focus on the correct distinctive content, relying on Reliable Sources, and away from the fake content that is most popular lately.

The search skill requires that you are proficient in dealing with search engines, so that you accurately determine your research goal. 

It searches for keywords and the most popular words, to access the best content easily. Therefore, be constantly informed about the sources in the market regarding the product or content that you offer.

7. attention to customer service

Customer service in social networks is one of the most important things you should consider, to provide support to your customers and ensure that interaction with them continues permanently. 

It is well known that a third of users of social media accounts prefer to receive services from brand managers directly, through their communication sites.

8-time management and organization

One of the tasks of a social media account manager is to take care of organizing and arranging his time. 

Here he must draw up a practical time plan and implement it within the time limit set for it.

 He should also plan each calculation separately, so as not to affect the fulfillment of the tasks he performs.

Know that the main goal of time management is to raise productivity efficiency to increase the strength of performance. 

It is important to take into account the development of a crisis management strategy, by adding weekly reserve working hours. 

Then summarize the daily tasks and their results to avoid a sudden worsening of the volume of tasks based on the results.

9-write the most appropriate and best content

One of the most important tasks of managing social media accounts is content marketing, or writing the best and most appropriate content for your brand. 

A good style of content creation is very important for developing a social media account and making it more specialized. 

I can give you some of these tips for better content:

Choose the language that is best in the written content to influence the audience, write in a simple, understandable, easy-to-read style, free from linguistic errors.

Content writing requires the skill of choosing the right titles for publications. 

So it's a good idea to write a short ad format that contains all the information your audience needs. 

And leave the opportunity for the audience to interact with him through questions, or a referendum at the end of the publication.

Know that content is the main part in the engine of a social media marketing plan. Make sure that it fits with the audience trends in social networks, and focus on the most popular words to target the largest number of users.

10-enhance communication skills

One of the most important goals of social networks is to promote direct communication between the public and brands with each other. 

Social media platforms have become the most suitable environment to communicate with as many customers as possible. 

With the availability of live streaming on social media platforms،

In conclusion, managing a social media account requires a unique set of skills that go beyond just posting content. 

The top 10 skills for effectively managing a social media account are:

  • Strategy Development - creating a plan and goals for the social media presence.

  • Content Creation - producing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content.

  • Brand Voice - developing a consistent voice and tone that aligns with the brand.

  • Community Management - responding to comments, messages, and building relationships with followers.

  • Analytics and Measurement - tracking performance and making data-driven decisions.

  • Social Listening - monitoring mentions, hashtags, and competitor activity to stay informed.

  • Graphic Design - creating visually appealing graphics and images to accompany posts.

  • Adaptability - being flexible and able to pivot quickly in response to changes in the social media landscape.

  • Time Management - effectively managing the workload and scheduling posts in advance.

  • Collaboration - working with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to ensure a cohesive social media presence.

By honing these skills, social media managers can effectively build and maintain a strong online presence that drives business results.

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