Features Of The Best Laptops For College Students

 If you are looking for a laptop for university or online study, you should read this article to help you choose the right device for you from several options of good computers, showing the features of each of them.

Criteria for choosing the best laptops for university students

A laptop has become one of the necessary things in life, especially if you are a university student, you need it to do the projects required of you.

In addition, many students study and work to make money using a computer, so we note that companies are constantly striving to manufacture more devices and increase their features that cover the diverse goals of using it.

The average prices of laptops with excellent specifications range from $ 400 to $ 1,500, but for a university student - having a laptop with very advanced specifications with specifications that meet the University's projects is not enough.

Intel "3 3" (Intel Core i3) 6 6 GB or more will be good, while in the case of using design and programming programs it will be better to raise the system quality and memory capacity.

And you should pay attention to the weight of the laptop, there are light devices with Intel Core i3 or i5 chips of excellent quality and 10-inch screens, but they cost about $ 1110, and this amount is expensive for some, so there are also computers with very good specifications that cost less, but it is possible that they are heavy and have an older processor.

Moreover, recently companies have been manufacturing devices without a jack for placing speakers. If you use headphones that plug into a socket in your laptop or do not have wireless headphones, you should stay away from some devices, such as " 1 13. "(XPS 13 plus)) "dell".

The best laptops for university students

In this paragraph we will touch on familiarization with the types of laptops with the features of each of them:

MacBook "1 1" (MacBook M1)) "apple" (Apple)

The "MacBook M1" series of computers is one of the best laptops for university students, which are super devices with superior specifications and quality that are difficult to beat from competing companies.

Macbook "1 1" (MacBook airm1)

The "M1" has a central processing unit with RAM storage capacity: of 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB.

Retina " (liquid retina) 1 13.6 1 1010 pixels.

. "Mag" (mag sword). "USB" (USB-C).

The battery life of the device is good, it is surrounded by a body and has a thin aluminum, it also supports the applications "iPhone" and"iPad" with wonderful speakers and a Keyboard "Magic Keyboard".

Dell "dell 13 " (Dell XPS 13 plus)

It is one of the best laptops for university students and is recommended for those who do not want a MacBook.

Machine specifications

The CPU came in several capacities, and  (intel core i3), (intel core i5), (intel core i7) and generation 11 came, with the graphics processing unit (intel Iris Xe), and RAM 8 to 16 GB.

As for the storage capacity, it is available with a capacity of 512 GB and 1 TB 2 TB.

(OLED)... But its problem is that it does not have a headphone jack, it depends on the use of wireless headphones.

The device "Chromebook Lenovo Flex 5"

Although the "Chromebook Lenovo Flex 5" does not have high-quality specifications, it is good for doing duties with browser-based applications.

Machine specifications

A battery with a lifespan of up to 10 1 10 inches, powered by a processor "3 3" (intelcure 3).

The device has 4 GB RAM, and the storage memory has a capacity of 64 GB.

Android "android" (Android). It has a "USB - A" (USB-A)port and two "USB-C" (C-USB) ports.

Device "1 13" (13 HP aero wing)

The HP Pavilion aero 13 is excellent for those on a budget.

Machine specifications

Hd (Full HD) "AMD risen 5000", and it can be worked on for many hours during the day. He also owns a lot of outlets.

Device "1 15" (15 Razer Blade)

The laptop can be multi-use for university, work, and games as well, there is nothing wrong with a little luxury during the study and work periods, and the "Razr Blade" device is suitable for games; it has specifications that qualify it for this in terms of screen response speed, processor qualities, and others.

Machine specifications

The device is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor (IntelCorei7), with a 5-inch screen of high quality and resolution and variety, there are several starter models and no need for (4K) to "full HD" (CD) with a frequency of 144 Hz, a graphics screen can be selected and 3 models came and came  (Nvidia), (RTX 3060) or (rtx3070) or (rtx3080). With a long-lasting 10W battery, and up to 64 GB of RAM.

Device "8 8" (8 Microsoft Pro)

For those who need a laptop that can be converted into a tablet, the best option for them is the "Microsoft Surface Pro 8" device, compared to other similar devices, this device is less thick and lighter.

Machine specifications

The device works with a processor and has the type "Intel Core i5", "i7" and "i8", with a graphics processing unit and has the type (Intel Iris Xe graphics) and a storage capacity starting with 256 GB, a 10-inch screen and a 1080-pixel camera.

The battery capacity of the device is 50 pen "dol" (Dolby Atmos)) "and 2 2" (2 surface slime pen).

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