How To Start A Blog and Make Money

 A comprehensive guide from A to Z that will take you on a journey that will eventually lead you to your dream of making money from blogging

Be on a date with an hour and a quarter that can completely change the course of your life and the lives of your family!

Make money from the blog these days

In the digital age, it is now possible for any person or entrepreneur to take advantage of the internet to publish their business or earn money in several ways and reach their ultimate goal of achieving financial independence.

Nowadays, the spread of the blog is increasing a lot in our time, and the number of people who see it as a way to earn money while at home is increasing, and for this very reason, we thought to update the content of this article so that it provides more benefit and help to you if you want to reach a solution today and start your dream and Life project that you have long been waiting for.

Follow all the details to find out all the ways and methods by which you can make money from the blog. 

But before we talk about the methods, it is useful to introduce you to some of the advantages and benefits that you get once you decide to work through the blog.

Benefits that accrue to you from working on the blog

How To Start A Blog and Make Money

When you decide to delve into this area, you simply get a bunch of advantages and benefits, among which:

  • Be the master of your business or business
  • Flexibility in working hours where you can decide the best time to work and also determine the right place for it
  • Working through a blog gives you the opportunity to work in a field that you love and adore, where you can talk about a certain aspect that you master and find yourself creative in it
  • Working using a blog is a business model that offers you the opportunity to upgrade and expand your business and increase your profits over time and experience in the field
  • The blog offers you an opportunity to become one of the market references in the field of performance, which offers you greater and better benefits and opportunities

Do not forget that anyone, whatever his work or specialty, can work in the field of blogging and get all the opportunities and benefits that come to him from this! 

Did you feel more excited now We really hope so, because even if you didn't know anything about blogging before, you can already follow our articles here and learn little by little until you reach the point of creativity!

What is the importance of the blog in business How to turn it into a business?

If you are thinking of creating a blog for your site or business, without a doubt the main goal you want to reach is to earn traffic and gain more followers who may turn into potential customers for your business.

For this reason, all your marketing strategies and plans should be based on attracting useful traffic to the blog and trying to Win email or email visitors who can turn into customers for you and earn sales from them.

We can understand the cycle or stages that your visitors or blog readers are going through as follows:

1-an article on the blog attracts the attention of a user or web surfer.

2-the user interested in the topic reads the article carefully and notes the usefulness of the information provided to him

3-this user has the enthusiasm and curiosity to learn about other topics in your blog that relate to this area that interests or needs him

4-then he can feel more confident in what you offer and wants to register his email in a form that you put for him in the blog, and here this interested user turns into a lead lead

5-then the prospective client follows this path through a rich and thoughtful series of useful content, which leads him little by little to get acquainted with the products and services you offer

6-the expected customer becomes more convinced that what you offer can actually help him solve the problems he suffers from, satisfy his needs and desires, or fulfill his dreams, and then he makes a decision to buy from your site or website that you recommend.

If you reflect well on these stages that we have talked about here, you are fully aware of the important and effective role that the blog plays in helping you to have your own business.

Ways to make money from a blog

In fact, there are many ways, means, and methods that help you earn money from a blog:

1-work in consulting fields

When you provide useful topics and rich information through your blog, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, your followers begin to really trust what information and advice you give them.

Little by little, when you keep this progress at the same pace, you can turn into a very significant reference in the field of performance in which you work, and all these checks for you that there is a blog where you write everything that is useful to the audience.

Then you can rely on these data and the positive results you have achieved and collect some of the testimonies of people and the public who turned to you and benefited from your topics and guidelines, and this can open the door for you to work in the field of consulting.

Needless to say, working in consulting is a very popular field nowadays and is considered one of the professions of the future that will accompany us through time.

2 - Use Google AdSense to host ads from other companies within your blog

When you have a blog that is informative and enjoys a large number of visits, you can exploit this and work in the field of advertising, hosting advertising and advertising tapes that belong to companies within your blog, and benefit from earning money on each click made by visitors to your blog on these advertisements and advertisements.

Of course, the more well-known Your Blog is in the market, and it gets more visitors daily, the more attractive it becomes in the eyes of investors and companies and they are quick to sign partnerships with you to market it and its products and services.

If this is your situation or you feel excited to work hard to reach this situation and work in this field, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the Google AdSense Program, which is the tool that allows you to do this and forms a link between companies, advertisers and blogs that offer the possibility of hosting ads and offers for them.

3-work in the field of digital products Digital Products

If you are hearing about digital products for the first time, we strongly advise you to read this article, which introduces you to the meaning of digital products and the types that you can create or trade online.

By digital products, we simply mean any product that can be consumed via digital media or the internet: including educational courses, video courses, e-books or digital ebooks, software, applications, templates, PowerPoint presentations, online lectures webinars, digital magazines, and others…

If you have a skill or talent, you can take advantage of it and convert it into digital materials that are of interest to the public and provide you with a great business model that can return you money.

Then you can rely on the blog to put up some articles that generally talk about the importance of the courses that you are preparing, and then put at the end of some articles a link that leads people to buy the course or the digital product that belongs to you. Of course, you can rely on platforms that help you sell digital products to the whole world.

4-work in the field of affiliate marketing programs or affiliate programs

But if you think that you have no possibility to prepare products, courses, etc., but you have high and distinctive skills and talents in persuasion and marketing and are fluent in digital marketing methods, you can take advantage of these talents and work in the field of affiliate marketing.

What we mean by the affiliate is that you shop for other people's products and courses in exchange for receiving a commission for each sale that verifies your guidance and marketing.

In addition to the advantage that lies in working as an affiliate marketer, which is that you do not need to have your own product, also some products offered for affiliate marketing can include a high commission rate that may sometimes reach 80% of the product price, and remember that you do not lose anything by doing this business, as it does not require any initial investment amount to start working.

All you need to do is join one of the affiliate programs available on the web and start directly by choosing products that match the field in which you understand or work.

Then you can rely on your blog to prepare a useful and distinctive series of articles that help readers get acquainted with these products and actually get closer to the prospect of buying them from you.

5-work in the field of physical products and services

It's not only digital products that you can exploit and trade on your blog, but also physical products and services…

There are many e-commerce sites available on the web, which you can take advantage of and offer your products (in case you have a store and trade in a certain type of goods or products) through these sites.

Here you rely on following internal marketing or Inbound Marketing policies and preparing articles and content that are already useful and important to the audience in the blog, and then shop and display links to products and services that you sell through e-commerce sites, so you can make the expected customer discover on his own what products and services you have instead of spending a lot of money on funded advertising and advertising what you offer.

Do you have a shop selling glasses, for example, What do you think about having an online store through which you sell these glasses  

What do you think now of relying on the blog you have and writing some articles that deal with vision problems, fashion trends in the world of glasses, or the progress of technology in this field Your audience may be very interested in these topics, and when he needs glasses he will remember that your shop sells the sweetest models.

A detailed explanation of the steps to start making money from the blog

And now we will give you some brief and important information about each of the seventeen stages that we have listed here:

1-select the area you will write about in the blog

In order to gain the trust of the audience that will follow you and to actually be able to make money from the blog, you should talk about a specific field, a certain performance, and not spend your days moving between different topics.

It is important to choose the field in which you have a wide amount of knowledge and experience because this is a fundamental factor that makes you present topics and articles that are really useful to the audience.

Then do some research on the internet to find out how much content is available on other blogs that can compete with what you will write.

Now you are ready to get to know the right audience and its characteristics to focus on in all that you will write through the blog.

2-Select the ideal audience for your topics and products

It doesn't work to talk to all people through what you write on the blog, does it

You should focus on a specific audience that is already interested in the field you have chosen to talk about. 

Read this article to learn about the methods of recognizing the target audience of your business and its contents.

By doing some research on the web, through Facebook groups, by reading what people comment on, for example, about the field you are going to write about, you can derive some specific and certain qualities that help you draw personal characteristics of characters that are well suited to your field, we call this representation avatar or persona.

3-Choose an easy charming name for the blog

You should pay special attention to choosing the appropriate name for your blog, and think of a name that is easy for the audience and readers to remember.

This name should be closely related to what you are going to write about, or to the field in which you work, and it should also be a unique and distinctive name that distinguishes you from the rest of the other blogs on the web in order not to be confused with other companies or bloggers.

Then try to play on words to form an attractive, charming, stylish, and fashionable name that can be the best name for your blog.

4-register a domain or domain for the blog

This step is very important, having decided which name you want to put for your blog, you can now think about buying a domain.

Of course, there are many reasons and factors that make us advise you to buy a domain that is your own, including the security that your blog will enjoy and the exclusivity and professionalism that will distinguish your business and others.

There are many sites where you can buy a domain or domain from, as an example, we mention the site location and others

Prices vary a lot and you can choose the one that suits your budget.

5-use one of the platforms to host blog content from articles

 One of the most famous platforms used to host blog content in WordPress, of course, there are many other platforms, but this platform contains the best plugins extensions, you can do the integration work in an effective and easy way, and it also gives you some tips on SEO techniques on each article you write in it and others.

The advantage of using WordPress is that you can use it even if you don't have any programming knowledge, using it is very simple and doesn't make you go through any complications.

6-develop an effective content strategy for the blog 

Now that everything is already ready to start, you should prepare in terms of content. The audience has become specific for you, as well as the areas in which you will write, it now remains to develop strategies that will govern and regulate the process of creating content.

Ask yourself the following question

What is the purpose of your blog Most often in order to be able to make money from a blog you need to provide educational content, educate the audience, answer their questions, and lead to the formation of a combination of trust, credibility, and empathy so that traffic flows and the number of followers actually increases?

Organize topics into smart tables or charts such as mind maps so that they gradually start from general and comprehensive topics and end with technical and strategic content that lead leads to purchase directly from you.

When developing a content strategy for a blog, you should take into account all the stages of the Sales Funnel that readers go through until they make their decision to buy…

First, talk about general topics (get to know the modern distance education style to keep up with technology), on the chances that you have a distance education platform, then start with more specific topics (start with the field of distance education through (X) step), and finally for those who have really become interested in the field, write a topic for them (get to know the platform (put the name of your platform) in distance education)… 

In this way, you will have developed an effective content strategy that matches the stages of development of readers and followers and their willingness to take action and purchase from you or contract for the services you provide.

The more interaction there is between your audience and the blog, The more honestly they publish and market your content. This already brings us to the importance that you write important and useful content for them.

7-organize and plan content using a content editorial calendar

Now it is essential that you follow the publication via the blog regularly and thoughtfully, precisely, for this reason, it is indispensable to have a calendar or editorial calendar with the topics you are going to publish and the dates of their publication.

So that the traffic volume grows very quickly, it is ideal that you publish a lot of content and articles, but when you set 3 times to publish per week, for example, you have to adhere to this period that you have selected.

It is this strategy that will help audiences to follow you, follow what you write on the blog, and keep an eye on future topics.

The preparation of the editorial calendar can be done simply so that it includes the following fields:

  • A field for the name of the article and the date it was added
  • The keyword on which the keyword article is based
  • The stage of suppression (sales suppression) that fits into this article
  • Time of publication (expected date and hour)
  • A final field for the necessary notes.

8-work on diversifying the contents and topics that you write in the blog

People have tastes, and for this very reason, if you plan to expand the audience and follower base of what you write on the blog, it is indispensable that you write already rich and diverse topics on which each type of reader finds himself in one of your topics.

This strategy is essential because it helps you to draw attention to your blog, it is not necessary for the reader entering your blog to be aware of your business or know what products and services you offer, but it may be the reason for entering a topic or a general article that draws attention and is popular these days, so he reads the article and at the same time recognizes your blog and reaches your website.

The richer the content, in multiple formats, including photos, videos, and graphs, the more integrated and enjoyable it will be.

9-decide what actions you want your audience to do

This step concerns some strategic articles that introduce your business or talk about one of your products and services. 

It is necessary that at the end of such articles there is a call to action, a button or a link on which the reader clicks to be directed to the next stage that really helps him to purchase one of your products or services.

We call these Call to Action or CTA for short.

This invitation can be: subscribe to the newsletter on your site, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and others…

10-Create a contact list with the email addresses of the leads you get from the blog 

Remember that your goal of writing is to make money from the blog, and this is done by trying to win some readers who are suitable for what you are trading and trying to establish a closer relationship with them that leads them to buy in the end.

One of the means that really help you in this is to earn the email address of these clients and organize a list of them.

Now it's time to get these emails so that the way is open for you to communicate with them in a distinctive and professional manner without causing them inconvenience and prepare more to learn about the products and services you offer.

To really help you earn an email address from this audience, you can follow some of the following strategies:

  1. Provide free informative content-rich materials: provide such content as evidence in the form of pdf or infographic drawings that show them the stages of doing something that interests them and in return ask for an email address.
  2. Putting a registration form in the blog: put up forms for communication through your blog. You can prepare a newsletter or just notify subscribers about new content. Make them feel special because they share your list. For example: get new topics and exclusively before everyone else.
  3. Creating webinars conferences and webinars: after earning a large volume of visits to the blog, you can promote dialogue sessions to discuss a topic that will be LIVE, or market a product and request e-mail from users to access and use it.

11 - partner with other blogs to increase your audience

If your goal is to gain more traffic and give new audiences the opportunity to get to know the blog, you should already consider partnering with other blogs, so that they benefit from their audience as well.

It is necessary that these companies are not your direct competitors, okay

You can make room for the exchange of articles between the two blogs, we call this hosting or guest postsقد hold interviews, produce participatory content (in the form of interviews and photos), and provide materials related to collaborative marketing or co-marketing, sharing leads potential customers between the cooperating parties, what do you think of this effective and fair strategy

12-expand your presence by creating accounts on communication sites

If you want to make money from a blog, you need to be present on many social networks and publish exclusive publications and posts that strengthen communication with the audience.

But attention: take note of which social networks the client really uses and take advantage of them, there are many options because if you try to use all the networks at the same time, you will lose focus and will not greatly benefit from this strategy and useful sites.

13-analyze the results you get

To realize the mechanism, pace, and progress with which you are going in your strategies, you must analyze, measure, and understand what the numbers are telling you.

Open the (Google Analytics) website and follow the results you get: find out which pages and articles have the highest entry rates, which topics have the most follow-up time and readers stayed there, and find out which countries have the most access rates to your articles come from. With this, all these observations can be taken into account in the preparation of the next content.

Another useful tool for you is the Google Search Console, which helps you to discover the CTR rates, i.e. Click through rate or click rate, and identify the keywords that should be used in your publications and sites in a way that allows you to get more results and traffic.

14-make permanent improvements and keep up to date with everything new

 With the availability of these observations and analyzes that you have made for the blog, The Way becomes open for you to propose the necessary adjustments and prepare for important improvements that will bring you more results.

In the meantime, try to apply the aspects that led you to amazing and useful results, and try to reflect or avoid re-applying strategies that did not express the results you hoped for from them.

In the meantime, it is indispensable to follow the novelties, new technical News, and trends that are emerging on the market, take advantage of them and write new topics that will lead you to attract more attention to your blog, and try to be the son of the moment, the master of the site and get ahead of your competitors to this useful technique.

When your followers notice that you are keeping up with everything new and trying to present all the novelties to them, their attachment to you and your blog increases, which really helps you earn their loyalty and prepare for greater success in sales and making money from the blog.

15-master SEO methods to improve the appearance of your articles among the search results

It is self-evident that you should pay great attention to these techniques because they are a very effective weapon in helping you to take the first rank among the search results of the articles you write in the blog.

This constitutes another factor and another competitive advantage that you can take advantage of and harness to your advantage, if you try to exploit it as much as possible, it is not difficult or complicated, only there are some tips and practices that you can implement, try it already and get used to it and you will find yourself shining with your topics and within the first page.

Examples of such rules include:

* The SEO title should be a maximum of 60 to 67 elements, as well as it should contain the keyword of the article or topic, preferably located in the first.

* It is useful to put a link in the body of the article that leads to an external Link site, and this has a big role in raising the rate of the authority of the domain or domain of your blog (Domain Authority) and increasing the reference of your blog among blogs in the field of performance…

16. rely on the funding of some publications

As we talked about before, it is indispensable that you always try to draw the spotlight to what you offer in the blog, and for this reason, try to finance some articles and strategic topics that help you attract more traffic and network traffic.

The good news at this point is that there is no need to spend a lot of money, but you can control the daily budget that you want to spend on each funded publication and also determine the days that you want to finance, in line with your financial situation and the marketing strategies that you put in place.


As you have seen in this comprehensive, sufficient, and complete guide, it is not impossible to make money from a blog, and if you have been dreaming about it for a long time, but you suffer from not finding an article on the internet that explains the way and the way to it. From A to Z, today this article is in your hands.

Read and start the application from this moment, we are here! Share your opinion, suggestions, and questions with us through the comments area below the article so that we can learn together and help you as much as possible.

In conclusion, we wish you good luck already and see you in another blog and another post, and wish you to earn money from the blog.

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