How to profit from blogging the best ways to make money from Blogger

Many are interested in the topic of how to earn from blogging and spend hours online to learn the best ways to earn from blogger.

This is because they are considered one of the best ways to earn from the internet for many bloggers and writers.

In order to know the features and how to make profits by blogging in a brief and easy way, all you have to do is read the first section dedicated to explaining the profit of blogger.

If you are a new blogger and want to know the best ways to earn from blogging and writing, I recommend you continue reading until the last word.

How to profit from blogging the best ways to make money from Blogger

What are the advantages of earning from Blogger and what are the best ways to earn from Blogger?

The most important feature of profit from bloggers is that this type of blog makes a profit no matter how old it is.

Where there is always something new to add to the blog and therefore you will get new readers and New visits through which you achieve a renewed profit, especially if the content you provide in your blog is of great value and has constant demand.

It can be said that the other advantage is that this platform is free and one can start making profits through it without paying any costs. 

All a blogger needs is to know the topic he is writing about well, choose topics that are constantly researched, and finally provide this knowledge in an interesting style and attractive design.

How to make a profit from a blogger?

Making a profit from blogger requires you to have a successful blog and it has general standards that must be adhered to these standards can be summarized by the following points:

Prepare and deliver good and distinctive content that motivates readers to continue reading.

Your posts must be well organized, preferably as much as possible, and your blogs are accompanied by videos and photos so that you get a higher ranking in the search engines.

For example, try to find product owners such as YouTubers who sell certain products such as mobile devices or mobile devices.

As well as companies or professionals who provide services who need a platform to promote their products, and offer them your services, especially if your blog has a large number of visitors where you place links to their videos within your articles for a fee or otherwise.

 Also, the ways to profit from bloggers and blogging, in general, are multiple and very different. 

Because it is the best way for beginners, you must take a comprehensive idea of this area before you start learning how to profit from blogging in order to develop a strategic idea that you work on and see the results of each step before moving to the next step.

Since after your professional blogging, you will have the best way to profit from the internet and the easiest at all. It's the perfect way to make money for you at home or in your office.

The profit at first will be very little and blogging will be just a hobby you practice in your free time, but once you have enough experience and know-how.

Blogging will provide you with additional income besides your work or your material resource if you are a student. Most students rely on their parents, so the profit at this stage will be just an additional income.

And then after a while, you will be able to somewhat rely on even partially rely on blogging to make your money, and when people are familiar with business plans and marketing this area will be one of the most important reasons to change their lives in material terms significantly.

So let me introduce you now to what blogging is and how to profit from it in order to start your interesting journey in this open field of all possibilities.

How to profit from blogging is one of the best ways to earn from a blogger?

The profit from blogging is that you create a blog that is interested in a particular topic and you write articles aimed at visitors and people who are looking for this topic, which is called bloggers (niche for the blog).

Like I am interested in technical blogging and explanations sites and blogger and SEO and ways to profit from the internet because I have experience in these areas, and here experience is an important element in blogging so it answers you to look for something good and know well because you will write about him throughout your work on the blog.

And if you need to gain experience with a particular Nitches you write about, Don't worry, there are a lot of profitable Nitches that you can learn and write in.

And you can carry out the best profitable niches that many people are looking for in search engines, where the most important of these profitable Nitches was explained in a special article so you can refer to it later in case you decide to create your own blog.

You must know the advantages of profit from blogging before explaining the best ways to profit from blogger.

There are many advantages that make a profit from blogging is the way to profit from the internet that many people rely on and the reasons and goals vary from person to person.

There are those who start to create a blog to spread knowledge in a particular field or niche, or there are those who start blogging and want to profit from the internet without capital and other various reasons.

The most important reasons and advantages to profit from blogging and profit from blogger basically can be summarized as follows:

  1. Blogging helps you learn by applying and practicing.
  2. Blogging helps you spread your knowledge and experience in the areas you love.
  3. Blogging opens the door for you to communicate with experts in your field and offers many opportunities.

Of course, these opportunities and goals take time and you won't get them from day to night but once you start you can achieve many of them.

How to start earning from blogging and what are the best platforms to earn from blogging

There are several platforms that provide the possibility of writing and blogging, but blogger and WordPress remain the best platforms to start earning from blogging, these platforms are used by professional bloggers to write their articles and profit from them.

It should be noted that some blogs make more than 15,000$ a month from blogging, which relies on these two platforms, whose owners rely on professional teams of photo designers, writers, and SEO experts.

Others earn from 100 to 5,000 a month or more from blogging, depending on the experience of the blogger, his team, and his effort in developing the blog.

So do not worry about the profit from blogging, but you have to worry about how to create a successful blog that brings you these profits as well as finding a team.

Steps to Profit from blogging

Profit from blogging is not difficult, but it takes you some time, so I advise you if you want to profit from your blog, 

Be patient and determined enough to get to what you want.

To facilitate this, I have prepared for you clear, easy, and important steps to help you in the process of profiting from blogging.

Determine which blogging platform you want to use to profit from blogging

Develop the skill of writing professional articles

Know the best ways to profit from blogging and blogger and choose the most suitable content for your blog

1. define the blogging platform

There are many and many blogging platforms that offer you a professional blog creation service, but the question is what is the best platform to start with to profit from blogging for a beginner.

Here I will show you the best blogging platforms and the features of these platforms and the services they offer. 

And determine the blogging platform is very important for the beginning of blogging and profit from the internet, so it answers to determine the blogging platform carefully

So you don't have problems in the future.

Explain the platform blogger as one of the means of profit from blogging and the best ways to profit from blogger.

Blogger is a service provided by Google, which is one of the largest internet companies, and it enables you to create a blog on the internet completely free of charge.

You can create a blog easily and simply within minutes, and all you need is to create a free profile on Blogger, which requires you to have an account on Google only, then you can create a blog professional immediately.

I mentioned in the previous lesson how to create a professional blog, see my previous article, which is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to profit from blogger.

Why blogger is the best platform to start earning from blogging?

Because the Blogger platform offers you a free blog service that is easy to use, which is also suitable for beginners in the field of profit from the internet and blogging, you can create a blogger in minutes, in addition to offering you a free domain and free hosting for life.

You also do not need to book paid hosting, which means that the use of this platform is completely free, this is an important advantage for beginners or people who blog, it saves you the cost of buying hosting and you can nail this cost in something else.

Since the Blogger platform belongs to Google, it provides security and protection for your blog and also guarantees you the speed of the blog, because your blog is on the servers of Google, which works with the latest technology in the world.

And a lot of features such as it provides the possibility of using professional blogger templates, including free templates and paid templates.

But here if you want to start earning from blogging at no cost you don't have to buy a paid blogger template. 

Just use a free template, whether it is the templates for the platform or the templates designed by people and companies and there are more than 1000 free professional blog templates on the internet.

WordPress is explained as a platform to profit from blogging

WordPress is a private company that provides bloggers with full-featured content creation and management system (i.e. the ability to write articles, upload videos, and other forms of content online without the need for programming or writing codes), and the platform is designed to help you create blogs and websites.

WordPress offers you the service of creating a free blog and free domain but this domain is not liked by advertising companies such as Google AdSense and accepted in AdSense requires effort and patience unlike blogger and also does not offer WordPress free hosting service for this you have to book your hosting to start using it.

If you want to start to profit from the internet without the cost of this platform not suiting you so Create Your Blog via the platform Blogger that saves you these costs also its a simple problem there are solutions to them on the internet if you search for any problem you will find a solution.

Unlike the WordPress platform, the problems of the platform do not find many solutions on the internet, but there are people and companies who provide these services for a sum of money, because the solutions may vary depending on the template as well as the way of writing the code and add-ons you use.

In general, if you want to make a profit without getting busy with coding and programming skills, the blogger will be better for you.

2. Write an attractive professional article for profit from blogging and profit from blogger

Writing a professional article is limited to several key factors so that your article succeeds and becomes important for visitors and followers of your blog, when you write the article you must collect comprehensive information on the topic of the article to provide the visitor that information and not looking for it in another blog.

There is no shop without goods, and the same applies to the blog where it is necessary to publish its content as much as your content was good as much as you achieved success and profits, publish distinctive blogs Express yourself and your experience what you write about, do not write about something I am not an expert so that visitors do not flee from you.

Suppose your article is important and useful to the visitor. In that case, this visitor will turn into a follower of your blog that follows your articles to learn and benefit from them according to the domain of your blog.

And so you record high daily visits to help you profit from your blog created as I mentioned in a previous lesson visits are those that come with profits if you do not have a good percentage of visits will not be able to make profits from the blog.

The most popular ways to profit from blogging and the best ways to benefit from blogger

As I mentioned in the previous lesson, there are a lot of ways you can start earning from blogging, but some of these methods are not suitable for all bloggers, so I summarized the best methods used by most bloggers starting in the field of profit from blogger.

These methods can make you a rich person if you use them properly and your blog has a good traffic rate so follow these methods and learn how to profit from them.

1. Profit from advertising companies, one of the most famous ways to profit from blogging

The idea of earning from advertising is never a new idea and we all know any winning newspaper or magazine contains pages of ads where you get a certain financial return for each ad you publish.

In addition to advertising between articles, as well as in the profit from blogging, where you are creating a beautiful blog that brings readers to take advantage of its content and then you display ads on the blog and you may wonder where you can get ads to publish for a fee.

There are many companies that act as intermediaries between you and the advertisers so that they get a percentage of the financial return in exchange for bringing in advertisers. 

Among these companies, the best is AdSense.

You can read the terms of this company in order to accept the blog and display ads on it through the blog tetyapi where we wrote a special article in this regard.

In addition to bringing advertisers, these companies convert ads into codes that you can add to your blog and it is not very difficult if you need any help you can communicate with us through our page on Facebook or through the Contact Us page.

Often, profits are calculated for you when visitors click on the ads displayed on your site in addition to the number of ad views.

You can find out more details about how to create an AdSense account, the terms of profit from AdSense, and very valuable information about this company and its acceptance by reading the articles dedicated to this on our blog.

2. Profit from affiliate marketing is one of the important ways to profit from blogging

Affiliate or affiliate marketing is a real treasure for every young man seeking to change his life for the better, which is also one of the best ways to profit from the internet or profit from blogging, it opens up wonderful prospects for marketing products and services that already exist in the market, and have a demand and fame among customers, and

Then make profits through them. Profit opportunities here have no limits.

The profit from affiliate marketing is deliberately based on the idea of writing an article about a product, for example, writing an article about a jacket by explaining its specifications and comparing it with another jacket of another type, in addition to, for example, the colors and sizes available for this jacket and then adding the link for this jacket so that the visitor

The answer is that when you start in this area, you then create an account as an affiliate marketer at one of the stores that offer this feature and the most famous is Amazon, and <url> after creating an account at one of these stores they will give you an advantage is that each product in this store will have a link of your own and you will add this link in order to get a percentage of the profits in case the product is purchased.

The nice thing is that if a visitor sees a product through your link and then buys the product after a week or ten days, you will get your percentage as well.

As many companies specify the period of time between the process of viewing the product and buying the product may be up to a month or even three months, depending on the type of product, its price, and other factors.

It can be said that it will increase profits as the price of the product increases, so many affiliate marketers prefer to work on the establishment of blogs interested in high-price products such as gold, real estate, cars, etc., and in general, this method can be said of the wonderful ways to profit from blogging, but you need some kind of experience and patience so many new bloggers do not prefer but want to first learn about the profit through blogger or through blogging as it is easier and simpler, although the profits can be not as high as affiliate marketing.

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